If it's anyone's fault, I'd say it's my friend, Mikaela's fault.  You see, she's a lash expert.  I mean like--really, a LASH EXPERT.  This is what she does for a living.  She does lashes. For celebrities.  An expert.   A lash stylist and trainer. Really. And everytime I speak to her, she says, "Jewel, let me know when you are ready for some lashes and I'll do them for you."   But anyhow, she posted some pictures on her Facebook page for her business--LadyLash Studios.  Pictures of her work.  Gorgeous pictures. 

I've NEVER ever EVER wanted to enhance my eyelashes.  But, these were gorgeous pictures.  I saw them Saturday night.  Just before I went to bed.  Maybe, because I lost an hour, the images stuck with me.  Maybe.  But anyhow, I had a fancy event to go to yesterday.  But my eye liner pencil needed sharpening and eye lining is probably my strength in the makeup application arena.  And even that took me 30 years.  But anyhow, I went to Target to get a sharpener.

Well, right next to the sharpeners were some fake lashes.  Hmmmmmm.  AND they were ONLY $2.  DON'T JUDGE ME. So, what the heck, I can have that gorgeous LadyLash look for only $2.  Now why this made sense to me, I have no idea.  And the package said "Glamour Eyelashes--Ready to Wear--Self Adhesive."  I'm sold.  Fine.  I'm in.  Let's do it.  Well,  I got home and propped my mirror up on my desk.  Wait, did I mention that I had to be "out the door" in 15 mins.  Well, anyhow, I peeled the lashes from the packages.  They were even nice enough to mark them "right" and "left."  How helpful is that??? So far, I'm doing well.

Apply X brand EYELASHES as close to the base of your own natural lashes as possible.  Avoid inside corner of your eye.  Press down to adhere.
Simple enough, right?  Well in my efforts to avoid the inside corner of my eye, I ended up with the lash starting midways my eyelid and extending out to my hairline area.  So, I took it off and started again.  This time was worse--it was up near my brow and everytime i got the left side of the lash stuck down..the right side would pop up and when I got the right side down, the left sprung up.  Superglue briefly crossed my mind, but I fought that thought off--only because I didn't have time to run back to Target and get some.

My time ran out.  As per the instructions, I carefully returned my lashes to the package for future use.  But actually, I'm going to call Mikaela.  She's the expert.

Your comments--priceless!!
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  1. Sinfully Says:

    LOL...I swear I'm going to make some money off of this.

  2. I've never used fake eyelashes because mine are super long. I need to find a new mascara though! Ask your expert friend to recommend me one! I've been using mac.

  3. nursetuck Says:

    haha this reminded me of my failed attempt to lash some years ago..whew

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I liked this post because I am a lash person but never have I done the fake eyelashes. But, I do think they are so gorgeous. It's reminds me of those like 70s throwback looks with the thick fake eyelashes and all you could see was eyes when the woman walked in the room lol. I just may try it lol

  5. I can so see this happening to me. Great post.

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