My son, who is 12, has been following the NBA playoffs. He was rooting hard for Lebron and the Cavaliers. Of course, the Cavs lost big and were eliminated. As frustrated as he was with the loss, he was a lot more disappointed by the seemingly "sore loser" actions of Lebron.

While confetti rained down in Amway Arena, his teammates and Cavs' staff sought out the Orlando Magic and congratulated them on the advancement to the Finals. Where was Lebron? Well, when the final seconds ticked down, Lebron put on his poker face and left the floor. Later, when the press conference started, Lebron was a no-show, having chosen to don his headphones and leave the arena. My son was disappointed in a major way.

Now my son certainly understands losing and the feeling of defeat. You see, basketball is his favorite sport. He loves it. He gets to school an hour early everyday and plays basketball. He plays with his friends every afternoon. But, even with all of that practice, he's simply not that great at basketball. But he hasn't given up b-ball. In fact, he tries out for his middle school team every year, and has never made it. He hasn't given up. He says that he simply loves playing. But seldom is he on the winning team. He's used to it and it hasn't deterred him from participating. It's important to him, though, to congratulate his friends when they win. And it's important for him to encourage those friends that seem to have "the gift." Why shouldn't he? It's how sports are supposed to be played.

He knows that he may never be a great player and he's okay with that. Very few kids who love basketball actually grow up to play professionally. However, the lessons of sports should stay with them throughout their lives. The lessons of respect, honor, sportsmanship, etc. If it's all good when you win Rookie of the Year and/or MVP, then it has to be equally as good when your team doesn't play well enough to advance to the Finals. I hope this was just an isolated slip for Lebron, and that it doesn't become habit. I can say, however, that while my son is definitely still a Cavs fan, he's a bit disenchanted with Lebron.

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I want a dog. A teeny, cutesy dog-a teacup. One that I can carry and cuddle and enjoy. One that I can put pink bows on and name Pinky, even if it's a boy dog. But the Husband (who is the boss of me) says no. He won't even discuss it. It's a closed topic. He says I won't take care of it and he will end up having to do it. Fine, except HE has a dog.

A huge dog. One that goes through 50lb bags of dog food like they are nothing. How come he gets to have a dog and I don't? How does he know I won't take care of it--he hasn't even given me a chance?? And so what if he ends up taking care of it? Heck, how much more work could there be in feeding a second dog, when you already are feeding one? Besides, I have a son. He would help me with the dog, right? Right? Right?

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I was asked, "What is the most important lesson that you've learned recently?" That is an easy one. It's the lesson of Trust and it's two-fold.

First, I have to trust God. That's the only basket in which to put all of my eggs. He's the one who strengthens me and will provide all of my needs.

The second lesson is that just because someone trusts me, doesn't mean that they are trustworthy themselves. Granny used to say, "Everyone doesn't mean you well." Those are wonderful words to live by. That certainly doesn't mean that you shouldn't do good will. It just means that we are all human--we make mistakes and we fail. There is only One without failure, which brings us back to the first lesson.

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Archie, who has always been afraid of commitment, finally got off the pot and proposed to one of his two girlfriends. Who did he choose?

Was it homechick Betty Cooper? Betty is the wholesome, girl next door type. Her competition is the rich vixen, Veronica Lodge. Since 1941, Archie has been unable to choose and the love triangle has played out.

Archie, perhaps persuaded by our dwindling economy, chose to marry Veronica. Though I certainly hope for a long, happy marriage for them, I can't help but wonder how long it will be before Veronica realizes that it wasn't her but her money that swayed him. And what of poor Betty--will she end up with Jughead??

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Over the weekend, one of my neighbors came over to tell me that he had "some trouble" at his house. When I asked what kind of trouble, he replied that "a little girl ghost" had been visiting him and his wife. Whoa!!!

He said that she was nice and she had told them her name. She said that she once lived in their home and planned on staying. WHOA!!!

The oddest part about it is that he was dead serious. I wasn't sure what to say, except to wish him luck on it all working out for them. My faith doesn't allow me to fear such things. In fact, I believe that--

The light of God surrounds me.
The love of God enfolds me.
The power of God protects me.
The presence of God watches over me.
Wherever I am, God is. Amen

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Last year, when Slumdog Millionaire arrived in theatres, I simply wasn't drawn to it. But I decided to take another look at it after all of the Oscar buzz, and it's subsequent wins in nearly every category that it was entered. Months ago, when the DVD became available, I bought it. But I still never watched. Again, it just didn't grab my attention.

Well, yesterday I finally watched the DVD. I thought it was fair, but kept waiting for the part that would justify the hype. Next thing I know, the film was over. It was just "blah" for me--not something I would ever need to see again.

I found the story to be mediocre and somewhat unbelievable, and the acting average. I thought the flashback way of telling the story was overused. I did find the locations and the backdrop of India to be amazing. Outside of that, it was just okay for me (sounding like Randy Jackson on American Idol).

Did I miss something? Did you find it to be excellent? Is it one of your favorites? Have you even seen it? Tell me what you thought...

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It's nearly June. That means ONLY one thing to me. NOT Hurricane Season. NOT school closing. NOT vacation. One thing ONLY-CUBAN TREE FROGS.

These are the most annoying creatures that ever walked the earth. They wait until the wee hours of morning, and then start loudly barking, like small dogs. They carry on like this for hours. One frog can keep an entire neighborhood awake.

They are the largest tree frogs in North America. They range from 3-6 inches in length and feed on insects, lizards, other species of frogs, and even each other. Wikipedia says that their diet includes "anything they can overpower." Cannibalism--YUCK!

Their skin secretes a toxic mucus as part of their natural defense system. This mucus can burn your eyes and nose, and can cause an allergic reaction. YUCK again!

There is something about our backyard that attracts these pests. They will spend all summer taunting me and my family. My husband has been known to go out with a flashlight in the middle of the night, in search of them and to secure a few hours of sleep. You can hear them from any room in the house. I fear that it will be a long summer...

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This Memorial Day, which my Granny always referred to as "Decoration Day," let's not forget the true meaning of the holiday. It's purpose is to honor American Servicemen and women who gave their lives in military conflict.

As an extension of that, the non-profit, Rolling Thunder, has designated the Sunday before Memorial Day, as the day that they "Ride for Freedom." At noon, they leave the Pentagon and ride motorcyles across Memorial Bridge to the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial, where they have a formal program, that includes readings, music, and speakers. This is done to pay homage to American veterans, especially those with MIA/POW status. This year marks the 22nd anniversary of the first "Ride for Freedom.

If you've never seen this, it is truly amazing. Tens of thousands of motorcycles moving in unison. They are driven by the old, young, Black, White, Asian, male, female, veterans, non veterans, etc. It is one of the most sobering sights that I've ever witnessed.

While we picnic today and tomorrow, and celebrate the coming of Summer, let's also remember those that gave their lives for our country. Even if you don't support the war, please support the troops.

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Chess is not one of those mindless games that you can play with your eyes closed. Chess requires strategy. You have to think 2 moves ahead. You have to anticipate your opponent's next move.

I'm in the middle of a chess game. I have my next few moves planned out. My opponent has underestimated me. He didn't know that this is a timed game. He also didn't know that I learned to play chess as a child. He thinks he's a Knight, he's really a Pawn. But in the end, it's all about the Queen!

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Yesterday, at a shopping center in Miami, yet another baby was forgotten in an automobile, and died tragically. The mother worked there and simply drove to work, got out, and never thought of the baby again for 6 hours. The temperature in the car is thought to have gotten up to about 130 degrees. How very tragic...

I'm sure she will never be the same. While the news didn't show her on camera, you could hear her wails of anguish, someplace just off camera. It was heartwrenching.

While some might question this mother's ability to parent, I immediately thought of something else. Suppose the woman was simply sleep deprived, working around the clock to pay her bills. Suppose she's short on rent this month, and consumed with thoughts of homelessness. While I have no idea if this was indeed the case, it is certainly a possibility.

I'm just not sure if I'm in a position to judge her, especially as she plans a funeral for her toddler. I'll reserve judgement until all the facts have come to light.

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So, a couple weeks ago, I told you about my affiliation with EventChasers.

I went to the Marlins game last Friday night. Read my review here. If you are a blogger, I HIGHLY recommend EventChaser. You get to enjoy sporting events, concerts, plays, etc. in return for you taking pictures and writing a review. That's my kind of deal!

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Ok, so I heard that astronaut, Mike Massimino, was on Twitter from space. I have to say that I was confused. I didn't think think there was internet in space. And more importantly, how could he be allowed to tweet from space, when I'm not allowed to even make a cell call from a plane!

Apparently other folks questioned this, as well. Finally, NASA admitted that he wasn't actually tweeting from space. He sends the messages to Mission Control in Houston and then they tweet the message for him. Perhaps it's just me, but that isn't nearly as exciting as tweeting from space.

Why didn't they just say that at the start? Why is it suddenly fashionable to try to "fool" the public? What is this about? Or am I simply being too critical?

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So, after months and months of drought like conditions, the rainy season has arrived. Supposedly the rain will make everything grow.

So far, the only thing that has grown is me. I've grown moody. I don't like to get up when it's dreary. YUCK!

I also don't like when the baseball game has a rain delay--ESPECIALLY on the RARE occasion when the Marlins are winning! YUCK!

Wait, something else is growing. My usually brown lawn has sprouted tall weeds. YUCK!!!!!

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Michelle O's commencement address over the weekend starting me thinking--What would I say to graduates if I were giving the keynote address? I think my message would be on the same vein as Michelle's--enjoy life, give back, and don't lose sight of what's important.

Enjoyment is key. Life is much too short and tomorrow is never promised, so live in the moment and see blessings in every circumstance. Don't forget those without whom you've couldn't have made it. Become that person to someone else. Know that being successful does not necessarily mean that you are wealthy. Don't get caught up in the pursuit of money and material things. Realize early that money has nothing to do with happiness. If it did, then Liz Taylor wouldn't have been married 32 times and Michael Jackson wouldnt have a rubber nose. Find things in life that make you happy--family, basketball, toy poodles, whatever! Find those things and enjoy. That's what it's all about!

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Who would have thought that a 3 year old would have dominated the news late yesterday? Yep, 3 year old Rachel Alexandra captured the Preakness, the second jewel in the Triple Crown of horse racing. A female hasn't won that race in 85 years.

She was told that she couldn't win against male horses. It was said that her in the race would be like sending a high school athlete to play against the pros. The horse racing world proclaimed that she had no business there. But her jockey, Calvin Burrell, had this to say--"She has so much determination. When you look this filly in the eyes, it's unbelievable."

I believe in women. I believe that a woman, or for that matter, ANY person, can do anything that they set their minds to, given training and hard work towards the goal. Don't forget to encourage someone today, especially a young girl/woman. One of my favorite quotes goes like this--"Here's to good women. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them." I don't know who wrote it, but me likey!!!

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For more than a week, I have been in turmoil. Someone in my life has betrayed me. Someone did the unthinkable and not only did I not see it coming, I didn't even think he was capable of committing such an offense.

I trusted him. I took him at his word. I knew that he would do right by me. He didn't. Now I find myself going back over the past, trying to figure out if he starting being untrue only recently, or if everything was a lie. I can't figure it out.

I boasted about him. I told others what a good person he was/is, a mensch(a person of integrity and honor). He shattered all of that, in one fell swoop. Now he doesn't talk to me. He thinks I'm angry with him. I'm not. I pity him as I do anyone who, like him, succumbs to the God of Greed.

Things will never be the same. We can't go back. I know this. But how long before I feel better?

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So, as if I'm not sometimes overwhelmed with TheTinyJEWELBox, I've launched a new website--THINGS in PINK! This is a product oriented blog that will feature all things pink. It came about because there are so few sites on the web that feature products in my favorite color. I decided to become that place!

I invite you to check it out, sign up for the email, and follow along. With so much on my plate right now, I hope to post a couple times a week. Besides this introductory post, there will be very little interaction between TheTinyJEWELBox and THINGS in PINK. You will, however, be able to link between both on the blog roll on the right. Let me know what you think!

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It is said that you shouldn't cry over spilled milk, but when IS the right time to cry? When is it acceptable to shed tears? Are there different rules for tears of joy? If the tears form in your eyes, but never drop, is that considered part of your "official cry" count? And why aren't men supposed to cry? What is the deal with crying?

According to a survey, men cry once a month and women cry at least five times a month, on average. If that's true, then some months I'm way under budget and some months, I'm way over. Most times, I cry because of frustration, not knowing what else to do. I also cry during sad scenes on tv. And the mere thought of losing one of my parents can do it instantly. And I simply refuse to cry at work. It simply will NOT happen.

Some things can reduce me to tears immediately. There are also times when I think I'm expected to cry and my eyes stay dry. Does that make me a cry baby?

When do you cry? Do you lose respect for a man crying? Is crying therapeutic?

Your comments-priceless!

We have an analytical thinker in the house. My teenage daughter analyzes everything. She just sits and ponders the mysteries of the world. Last night, she had a revelation. It came to her that Dr Seuss' "Green Eggs & Ham" was not appropriate for small children. She announced her findings to me.

I am used to such proclamations. Before I let her explain, I reminded her that this book is critically acclaimed and one of the best selling children's titles ever. She was not swayed She insisted that this book encourages small children to give in to peer pressure.

According to her, the man in the story did not like green eggs and ham. Sam told him all the ways that he could have it--with a mouse in a house, in a box with a fox, etc. The man was firm in his decision. He did not want to try it. But Sam was relentless. He followed him around until finally the man agreed to try the meal.

My daughter says the man gave in to peer pressure. The green eggs and ham were street drugs--why else would the eggs have been green??? And after tasting the eggs, the man declared that he did, indeed, like green eggs and ham. When he made the announcement, he had a huge grin on his face. She says that this proves that he was high!

Where does she come up with this stuff?? Should I get help for her?

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One of my favorite quotes is, "You haven't lived until you've done something for someone that can never repay you." There's a sense of fulfillment in volunteering that you can't get through anything else. And, it's also humbling. How often have you looked at someone and realized that their circumstance could have easily been yours? Or, if you're feeling particularly boastful, nothing like a volunteer experience to humble you and drop you back down to earth.

Some of the greatest rewards in my life have come through volunteerism. I realized this morning that it's been a good while since I've had that feeling of accomplishment. I'm going to make some calls this morning and see if I can find a project to get involved with. I wonder what's available.

Some don't volunteer because they say that they don't have time. But many organizations need the most basic of tasks filled. And they can use even the most basic of skill sets. You could stuff envelopes while you watch your favorite show at night. Can you make phone calls? Can you walk? Can you hand out water to others that are walking? Can you run to the store to buy the cups for others to hand out to those that are walking? You see what i mean???

Let's do something this month. I challenge you give a few hours to someone else. Grab a couple of scones and invite your elderly neighbor to chat and eat scones. Call the local United Way and see what they have going on. Tell a struggling, single Mom that you will watch her kids while she goes on an interview.

I'll let you know tomorrow what I'm doing. Let me know what you are planning!

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Last night, the finale of Celebrity Apprentice aired. I had watched most of the episodes during the season. It came down to the final 2, comedienne Joan Rivers and poker pro Annie Duke. I thought Annie would ultimately win, though I was rooting for Joan, purely because of her age and spunk.

While they are both smart, they couldn't be more different, as far as business style. Annie rules with an iron fist, and is somewhat of a micro manager. Joan takes more of a team approach.

In the end, Joan was announced as the winner-- beating out Annie, as well as Dennis Rodman, Brian McKnight, T-Boz, Khloe Khardasian, Clint Black, and others. Again, I was impressed with the sheer stamina of Joan. She looked as if she had more energy than I do, and I'm nearly half her age. And she was dressed impeccably. I've never paid much attention to Joan. I knew who she was, but never took her seriously. She's gained a fan! I think I like her swagger!

Did you watch? What did you think? Did The Donald make the right choice?

Your comments--priceless!!

This is an old picture of my Mom (on the left) and my cousin, Vi. They were like sisters. I honor them today, on my first Mother's Day without Vi.

I have a great Mom. She has a good heart. She is caring to a fault. Folks often take advantage of her. I've come to realize that it's part of who she is. I love her with everything I am.

I was lucky enough to have a few other folks that treated me as their own, even though I wasn't. One of those folks was my cousin and my Mom's best friend, Vi. Throughout my life, we always lived close to her. We either lived next door, or upstairs or downstairs or down the block, or down the hall. I even remember a time when we lived with her. She had only one child, Kelvin. We grew up like brother and sister.

Vi was a special person. I can not remember a single time that she said a mean word, gave me a stern look, or even made me feel bad. EVER. Her home, her fridge, and even her purse were always open to me. I've eaten as many meals at her house, as I have my own. It was her that took me see James Brown and Patti Labelle and the BlueBells at the Howard Theatre when I was just a wee chick. She was one of the rare folks that I wouldn't hesitate to call or even visit at any time of the day or night.

Vi passed away quietly on the morning of March 14th. I last saw her on the day after Christmas. She wasn't doing well, but I talked to her often after that and, though she was sick, I hadn't ever considered her passing. My Mom called me that morning to deliver the news. I was devastated. I still am. There are time when I want to call her and share something and I simply can't. After Granny's death, hers was the one that affected me the most. I miss her immensely, but I am comforted knowing that I expressed it to her during a tearful conversation in February.

I honor her today, as well as my own Mother. Happy Mother's Day! Who do you honor today and why?

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Last week, longtime FOJ Emmanuel, sent me a note about EventChaser (part of the Razorgator family), saying he thought that it was something that I might be interested in. I checked it out and was invited to become an Official EventChaser. It seems like a pretty cool setup.

In exchange for blogging about the venue and the event, along with providing pictures, they will provide me tickets for plays, sporting events (including MLB tickets), concerts, etc. I'm excited about it. My first EventChaser experience is coming up next week. I won't reveal much, the post will appear next Saturday.

If you have a blog, you might want to check it out. It was a very simple process to get started. I can't wait to get to ______ next week to see______. hehehehehe

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I'm going through an exciting time in my life, but it's not without challenges. Major challenges. I have negative forces working all around me. They thrive on chaos, confusion, and creating an atmosphere of fear. I'm not sure what will happen, but, there are a few things that will NOT happen.

I've decided that I will NOT dwell in a place of FEAR. I will NOT let others define ME. I will NOT let others transfer their aura of chaos and confusion to ME. I will NOT forget from where all my blessings flow. These things will NOT happen and victory will be MINE!

There it is. I've claimed it. Now I just have to live it.

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Today is the 58th annual observance of the National Day of Prayer. It's held on the first Thursday of May. It's set aside as a day for people of all faiths to pray for our country and it's leadership.

I am a strong believer in the power of prayer. It is the bridge between Heaven and Earth. Most major religions incorporate prayer into their rituals. Prayer can be done privately or with a group. It can be spontaneous or planned. It doesn't even need to be said aloud. It is a time that you share with God, whatever the reason.

Many cities will have Prayer programs today. Florida will have a reading at the state capitol building. Many churches will also have programs. We have a new President and we are also going through a trying time as a Nation. What better time to pray?

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Call me old fashioned. Call me a fuddy duddy. Call me whatever. But before you call me those things, explain it to me. Tell me why the contemporary pregnant woman doesnt wear comfy, flowing maternity clothes--but rather tight tops stretched over her belly, and her prepregnancy pants that rest under the stomach?

At first, I thought perhaps the woman couldn't afford proper maternity clothes, but now I see women of means with this look. What is that??? Perhaps it is comfortable, but it certainly doesnt look it. They look miserable.

When did it start? WHY did it start? Who started it?

I need answers, folks...

Your comments--priceless!!

As Mother's Day approaches this weekend, I'm reminded that this is the 4th Mother's Day to pass since i lost my precious Granny. Losing her was the most devastating event in my lifetime. While time has certainly taken some of the rawness from it, I am far from healed. My heart is sometimes so full that I have no choice but to cry. Having conversations about her are unpredictable; I simply never know when I will end up in tears.

My Granny was the absolute best. She wasn't an educated woman, but she had more knowledge and wisdom than most. She was the best cook I've ever known. She was funny, caring, and most of all, loved me unconditionally. She also irritated me to no end, on occasion, though I can pride myself on never being disrespectful. Proof of my respect is the fact that all my limbs are still attached to my body.

It's scary to think of the things that I would willingly give to just see her once again--to ask her advice, to share my day, to hear her thoughts. She was gone way sooner than I was ready for her to leave. I am envious when I see women my age, in public, accompanying their grandmothers to the grocery store or the mall, or even to a doctor's office.

So you can imagine my disgust with what I saw yesterday. A woman drove into the parking lot where I sat, parked outside Michael's, got out and went inside. She never looked back at the elderly woman who was in the car with her. The woman got out of the car, though clearly she needed help, and followed the younger woman into the store. "Miss QuickStep" did not even turn to see if "Grandmother" had made it out. She acted as if they weren't even together. "Grandmother" didn't seem fazed; it must be her normal. She had a cane and simply hobbled along, seemingly indifferent to being ignored. The entire scene brought tears to my eyes.

I hope "Miss QuickStep" was waiting just inside the door, having realized that "Grandmother" is precious and may be gone soon. I hope she hugged her and kissed her and apologized. I hope they stopped at Wendy's for a Frosty on the way home. My Granny loved Frostys...

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Today is International Firefighters Day. It's the day set aside to recognize those firefighters who have lost their lives in the the line of duty and also to support those who have dedicated their lives to keeping us safe from fire and related disaster.

One of my brothers is a firefighter. He's been paid for the last 23 years, and was a volunteer for years before that. It was what he always wanted to do. God bless him; I just don't have that kind of nerve--to run into burning buildings to save strangers.

Firefighters are first responders. While they are most often thought of for fires, they also respond to medical emergencies, car accidents, cats in trees, collapsed buildings, folks stuck in elevators, etc. They tend to work fewer shifts than the rest of us, but longer hours. They are a valued part of our society. Say "Thanks!" to a firefighter today!!

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Yesterday, in the 11th hour, the favorite pulled out of the famed Kentucky Derby. This resulted in new favorites being thrust into the spotlight. But, wouldn't you know, the winner ended up being a longshot, one that, supposedly, didn't have a chance of winning. This was a "cheap" horse, being jockeyed by a man who raced to victory on a different horse, just the day before.

The beginning of the race was unremarkable, with the favorites leading. Just before the final turn, Calvin Borel, made his move atop Mine That Bird. He found a hole, slid in there, and rode the rail to victory. After the race, he displayed pure, raw emotion. One couldn't help but to be happy with him.

The lesson to be learned here is this--Nevermind the odds. It doesn't matter who thinks you are going to fail. They are not in control of your life. Do what you've trained to do. Don't focus on your competition. Run your own race and don't give up.

Your comments--priceless!!

So, the one confirmed case of Swine Flu in South Florida just happens to be at the high school that my daughter attends. Scary stuff, huh?

Even more scary is frenzy by the media. They are scrambling to find out the identity of the child. They are out on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, etc. looking for "anyone who knows anyone that knows the identity" of the 17 year old female. They are pestering kids to betray a friend. Whoa, is THAT a good lesson to teach our children???

Yours truly got an email after a short tweet yesterday afternoon. The reporter said that she "wanted to get a message to the family" and that they "could remain anonymous if they chose to." I would much rather that she said, "we went to camp out at her house and bug anyone going or coming." And as far as the anonymous part, I would say that it's apparent that they HAVE chosen it, by not coming forth.

Her school has a great principal, caring teachers, and have made great academic strides in the last few years. I have tried to get press there for the last 3 years. Nobody was interested. NOW, all of a sudden, I have reporters emailing me, wanting me to share info? NOT!

Yes, I KNOW who the student is. NO, I'm not telling you vultures! So there!

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There are few things more exciting to me than networking with successful women. Something about being a woman while also doing it big, is inspiring to me. Believe it or not, I have connected with many through Twitter. I have made friends that I wouldn't have any other way. They are available for guidance, mentorship, bouncing new ideas off of, and just idle chat.

So, in honor of Follow Friday, where you recommend folks that you've found helpful on twitter, I'd like to recommend these wonderful chicks--

@frugalista, @erinpatrick, @stacijshelton, @superhussy, @paula_deen, @adrigonzo, @msteenamarie, @smball804, @calinative, @nicoleprexec, @bherrera, @thejstandard, @pamperry, @resoucefulmom, @teaandthee@gina2011, @nicolelewis

Please share with me some of the great folks that you've found on Twitter. I'm always glad to expand the circle!!

Your comments, priceless!!

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