Last year, when Slumdog Millionaire arrived in theatres, I simply wasn't drawn to it. But I decided to take another look at it after all of the Oscar buzz, and it's subsequent wins in nearly every category that it was entered. Months ago, when the DVD became available, I bought it. But I still never watched. Again, it just didn't grab my attention.

Well, yesterday I finally watched the DVD. I thought it was fair, but kept waiting for the part that would justify the hype. Next thing I know, the film was over. It was just "blah" for me--not something I would ever need to see again.

I found the story to be mediocre and somewhat unbelievable, and the acting average. I thought the flashback way of telling the story was overused. I did find the locations and the backdrop of India to be amazing. Outside of that, it was just okay for me (sounding like Randy Jackson on American Idol).

Did I miss something? Did you find it to be excellent? Is it one of your favorites? Have you even seen it? Tell me what you thought...

Your comments--priceless!!
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  1. nursetuck Says:

    The story line was a little far-fetched but I enjoyed it because I believe in miracles, dreams and fuzzy stuff. Now the oscar hype, like a lot of recent films has me puzzled. Its not something I would buy to have as a keepsake.

  2. lifeisfantaztic embrace it Says:

    Well "Slumdog Millionaire" has gone from bootleg, golden screen to home video and I still have not had the desire to see it. So far, I have no desire to see it ... but I know I will eventually. I think sometimes all the hype put on a movie is just that hype - otherwise how could the "The Color Purple" be nominated for all those Oscars and not take home 1 - not even a half of an Oscar went home with them. And they desired some Oscars - in my opinion.

  3. LUVA Says:

    Slumdog's not millionaires. The movie was okay, but what I don't like about the outcome is how the two little children are being exploited by their own parents, and now their actual slumhomes have been torn down. I really think the writer, producers and directors need to step up to the plate and do more than secure a trust fund for education.

  4. cmiles Says:

    I am like you, it was not a movie that I was drawn too...not that I'm drawn to many. I didn't even buy the day I may end up watching it, and wondering why, not anytime in the near future.

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