Ok, so I heard that astronaut, Mike Massimino, was on Twitter from space. I have to say that I was confused. I didn't think think there was internet in space. And more importantly, how could he be allowed to tweet from space, when I'm not allowed to even make a cell call from a plane!

Apparently other folks questioned this, as well. Finally, NASA admitted that he wasn't actually tweeting from space. He sends the messages to Mission Control in Houston and then they tweet the message for him. Perhaps it's just me, but that isn't nearly as exciting as tweeting from space.

Why didn't they just say that at the start? Why is it suddenly fashionable to try to "fool" the public? What is this about? Or am I simply being too critical?

Your comments--priceless!!
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  1. catladysd Says:

    Somehow it seems that the truth just doesn't have the media spin needed anymore. I just watched the view who had on a commentator from fox tv who just plain lied on his show and was confronted by barbara and whoopi. His answer to his lies.........hmmmmm he didn't have any. I don't get it, I value truth and have never really understood the need for twisting of truth or outright dishonesty.

  2. Lifeisfantaztic Embrace It Says:

    Astronaut "Twitters" from space....when I heard that it took me back to the days of "The Outer Limits" a sci-fi that came on in the late 60's or early 70's they would tell you they had taken control of your television set for the next 60 minutes and would release it back into your hands when they went off, then they would take you off on a Sci-Fi journey. It was exciting I knew it was fiction and I enjoyed it. However, it's really disappointing when our media "thinks" that we have to be fed a "pot of crock" about our ventures into space and other historical events. I just ask the media to "Keep It Real", make it an educational journey and stick to the truth of the history and we will appreciate it very much. ..

  3. Ugmolicious Says:

    Perhaps, you, the persons who read this blog, and some of the folk who follow NASA events are savvy and investigative enough to question such reports and misinformation. But, the public at large is not, and the media understands this. Sensationalism outweighs "truth" in America today.
    Consider the things we watch, listen to, and place our most valued trust in. We spend less time visiting museums, reading thought provoking material (most of us don't even possess a library card), learning a new language (although it is clear that commerce in America will soon depend upon some bilingual interaction), or doing something as simple as holding a conversation with a person of an older generation who may perhaps give us a "pearl of wisdom" that may prevent us from making a life mistake. No wonder we have become a "mark" for the media or any other entity with the power of persuasion who knows how "gullible" the American public is (invoking a quote from P.T. Barnum "There's a sucker born every minute"). People would prefer to believe a "Pretty Lie" as supposed to the "Ugly Truth" in most instances, so, therefore, we invite the type of treatment that the media and other powerful entities impose upon us. America loves the hype, the reality shows that do nothing to educate us (but allow us to take glee in the demise and denigration of another human being), the news shows that do not foster intelligent and independent thinking (but, tell us what we saw and how we ought to interpret the information according to their spin),and let's not forget about the so-called "stars" that we idolize above the unsung champions (including some of our own parents who sacrificed extensively to educate us and raise us to adulthood) in our own communities. It has been fashionable to fool the public at large for a long time, because the public demands to be fooled and made to feel dependent upon the notion of living vicariously through someone else's experiences. It's a sad state of affairs in my humble opinion, that will not cease until "we the people" demand more appropriate responsibility from ourselves and the folk we allow to see us as less than worthy of receiving the truth.

  4. Isn't it more a question of when we object to the line that is crossed from truth to embellishment to lies?

    Differentiating you actually look nice today, from you look nice (as usual, but nothing special) to you look nice (if it wasn't for the stain on the back of your shirt or toilet paper under your shoe that I won't tell you about.)

    The NASA folks wanted some attention for their business. They opted to use Twitter. I suspect that rocket scientists could figure out how to use twitter from space if possible. How would most folks feel if they learned that the true twitter from space costs an extra billion dollars (versus what they actually did?)

    I say no major harm, no major foul.

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