It is said that you shouldn't cry over spilled milk, but when IS the right time to cry? When is it acceptable to shed tears? Are there different rules for tears of joy? If the tears form in your eyes, but never drop, is that considered part of your "official cry" count? And why aren't men supposed to cry? What is the deal with crying?

According to a survey, men cry once a month and women cry at least five times a month, on average. If that's true, then some months I'm way under budget and some months, I'm way over. Most times, I cry because of frustration, not knowing what else to do. I also cry during sad scenes on tv. And the mere thought of losing one of my parents can do it instantly. And I simply refuse to cry at work. It simply will NOT happen.

Some things can reduce me to tears immediately. There are also times when I think I'm expected to cry and my eyes stay dry. Does that make me a cry baby?

When do you cry? Do you lose respect for a man crying? Is crying therapeutic?

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  1. LUVA Says:

    Not gonna lie, I cry. I cry when I'm filled with joy, when I'm sad, when I'm hurting, when I miss loved ones no longer here. And there is nothing wrong with a man that cries either. I'd never lose respect because a man cried. They have feelings just like we do.

  2. catladysd Says:

    Crying for me is a great way to release pent up feelings, whether it be joy or anger, sadness or excitement. I think it is very healthy to cry. Mom moved out of her own place a couple of weeks ago into residential care. she told me on the phone that she was crying inside, i told her, mom let it out have yourself a good cry, your life is changing and its ok to grieve for what you are leaving behind.

    When i need a good cry and have no specific reason for one i pop Beaches in and watch it, i still cry everytime i see that movie.

  3. Lifeisfantaztic Embrace It Says:

    I say cry when you feel you should, but never, never, never, CRY at work.

    Crying is therapeutic, but not in the company of co-workers about your work.

    Some things we need to distingush into when, where, why and how.

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