As Mother's Day approaches this weekend, I'm reminded that this is the 4th Mother's Day to pass since i lost my precious Granny. Losing her was the most devastating event in my lifetime. While time has certainly taken some of the rawness from it, I am far from healed. My heart is sometimes so full that I have no choice but to cry. Having conversations about her are unpredictable; I simply never know when I will end up in tears.

My Granny was the absolute best. She wasn't an educated woman, but she had more knowledge and wisdom than most. She was the best cook I've ever known. She was funny, caring, and most of all, loved me unconditionally. She also irritated me to no end, on occasion, though I can pride myself on never being disrespectful. Proof of my respect is the fact that all my limbs are still attached to my body.

It's scary to think of the things that I would willingly give to just see her once again--to ask her advice, to share my day, to hear her thoughts. She was gone way sooner than I was ready for her to leave. I am envious when I see women my age, in public, accompanying their grandmothers to the grocery store or the mall, or even to a doctor's office.

So you can imagine my disgust with what I saw yesterday. A woman drove into the parking lot where I sat, parked outside Michael's, got out and went inside. She never looked back at the elderly woman who was in the car with her. The woman got out of the car, though clearly she needed help, and followed the younger woman into the store. "Miss QuickStep" did not even turn to see if "Grandmother" had made it out. She acted as if they weren't even together. "Grandmother" didn't seem fazed; it must be her normal. She had a cane and simply hobbled along, seemingly indifferent to being ignored. The entire scene brought tears to my eyes.

I hope "Miss QuickStep" was waiting just inside the door, having realized that "Grandmother" is precious and may be gone soon. I hope she hugged her and kissed her and apologized. I hope they stopped at Wendy's for a Frosty on the way home. My Granny loved Frostys...

Your comments--priceless!!

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  1. Katz Scratch Says:

    This is going to be my first Mother's Day without my Mother...Mom...Mommy. I don't think I'm ready. Just the thought makes me weep. I've spent so many days wishing for that one more day. God's grace,however, has been with me and has lead me to stop, talk to, assist, befriend other elderly people I meet during the course of my day. Being in Florida recently provided me with ample opportunity since there's no shortage in that state. Everytime I do that, my heart feels a little easier, a little more healed, a little happier. Maybe "Ms. Quickstep" is there to provide opportunity to others to obtain healing and some measure of joy. Happy Mothers Day to all Mothers. Know that you are loved. That's the gift God gives you.

  2. blqlvrgrl Says:

    Unfortunately, I did not have great memories of my grandmother. I have;however had a new found appreciation for the elderly. They have lived longer and have earned their stripes. We are one of the few societies that does not honor our elderly.When an elderly person needs assistance,stop and help them. When they need someone to listen, take a moment to listen to them. Remember, one day you will be one.

  3. catladysd Says:

    Happily mom is here one more mother's day. She will celebrate 89 years in june.

    Both my grandmothers were special. My mom's mom would come down in the basement and watch plays my sister and i would put on. She was also my caretaker when my folks were at work. she would slip me some of her hard candy that she always had near her for as long as i can remember. And she was blessed because my grandfather adored her.

    my dad's mom would take me shopping with her to I Magnins and other such places, where the women in their expensive perfume would smell so very good, i knew i wanted to smell like them when i grew up. She also had a ballerina in a glass globe that played i'll be loving you always and she would let me listen to it over and over again. At easter she always bought us beautiful easter dresses. She was in Eastern Star and loving to everyone she met. She too, was adored by her husband,my grandpa!

    Time passes so quickly, i cherish the good memories of them.

  4. Erin Says:

    How careless and thoughtless. I so identify with you about what I would give up just to see my mom and feel her hug just one more time.

    Maybe you could cook one of your grandmother's delish recipes on Mother's Day to honor her!

  5. cmiles Says:

    Still having a grandmother who I spend most of my free time, how thoughtless. I take my grams everywhere. When we stop to where she needs to go, I always undo her seatbelt, grab her purse for her, get her cane, and help her out the car. I love her so much, and the thought of just leaving her to do this for herself is unthinkable. Then on the way home we grab a treat, lol...I miss her when I'm away. She is my heart.

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