One of my favorite quotes is, "You haven't lived until you've done something for someone that can never repay you." There's a sense of fulfillment in volunteering that you can't get through anything else. And, it's also humbling. How often have you looked at someone and realized that their circumstance could have easily been yours? Or, if you're feeling particularly boastful, nothing like a volunteer experience to humble you and drop you back down to earth.

Some of the greatest rewards in my life have come through volunteerism. I realized this morning that it's been a good while since I've had that feeling of accomplishment. I'm going to make some calls this morning and see if I can find a project to get involved with. I wonder what's available.

Some don't volunteer because they say that they don't have time. But many organizations need the most basic of tasks filled. And they can use even the most basic of skill sets. You could stuff envelopes while you watch your favorite show at night. Can you make phone calls? Can you walk? Can you hand out water to others that are walking? Can you run to the store to buy the cups for others to hand out to those that are walking? You see what i mean???

Let's do something this month. I challenge you give a few hours to someone else. Grab a couple of scones and invite your elderly neighbor to chat and eat scones. Call the local United Way and see what they have going on. Tell a struggling, single Mom that you will watch her kids while she goes on an interview.

I'll let you know tomorrow what I'm doing. Let me know what you are planning!

Your comments--priceless!!
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  1. catladysd Says:

    Great subject Jewel. I have volunteered at one thing or another most of my life, and i can honestly say i got more out of it than i gave. I like Oprah's term of giving forward. I have found that kindness given usually inspires others to kindness and selflessness. I really haven't done much in the way of volunteering since i moved here except for the election, I am glad you made this challenge, it will get me moving again doing something i enjoy. I hope others will do so too!

  2. LUVA Says:

    I love to volunteer, it's good for the soul and heart. It's a blessing to be a blessing to others as God is to us. Amen?

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