I want a dog. A teeny, cutesy dog-a teacup. One that I can carry and cuddle and enjoy. One that I can put pink bows on and name Pinky, even if it's a boy dog. But the Husband (who is the boss of me) says no. He won't even discuss it. It's a closed topic. He says I won't take care of it and he will end up having to do it. Fine, except HE has a dog.

A huge dog. One that goes through 50lb bags of dog food like they are nothing. How come he gets to have a dog and I don't? How does he know I won't take care of it--he hasn't even given me a chance?? And so what if he ends up taking care of it? Heck, how much more work could there be in feeding a second dog, when you already are feeding one? Besides, I have a son. He would help me with the dog, right? Right? Right?

Your comments--priceless!!
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  1. LUVA Says:

    I love ya, I tried, and I have learned my lesson! I'm just gonna sit back and read the comments as they flow in. Heck, I'm still nursing my ear hahahahahaa.

  2. cmiles Says:


    I think u would take care of a toy dog, take it to the groomer and get your son to walk it, and u would spoil the puppy rotten.

  3. blqlvrgrl Says:

    A teacup a dog??? hehehehhe...just kidding. I have a dog..german shep and lab. I finally talked my hubby into getting a 2nd one, a lab. We are picking him up today. I am so excited. How much mess can a teacup make? Most little dogs I know though, are very tempermental. They know they're cute and act like the world revolves around them. May hubby is worried that you will pay more attention to the dog than to him..lol

  4. Mo Says:

    We have a wonderful boy Yorkshire named "Berkeley".He is great with kids,completely chill, only barks when he is startled out of his sleep and just wants to be wherever you are ALL the time!! He is the perfect cuddle dog.

    We gave Berkeley to my mom as a surprise gift over a year ago. She works full-time and takes care of my grandmother in the evenings and weekends grandmother and Berkeley brings her that little extra joy that helps her get through the day.

    There have been studies that support the theory that pets can help with stress and depression.

    I think you would be a great mommy for "pinky" the teacup.

    You could sneak him in the house and it would be weeks before DD would even notice!!!!

  5. lifeisfantaztic embrace it Says:

    I say if you are responsible enough to care for a dog then you should have one. I would suggest checking into the teeny,cutesy dogs because they need lots of one on one care and attention. I had two toy poodles and a cat when I first married and they were not only a handful but they also wanted only "ME" to walk, feed and tend to them. The dogs even squared off with the cat for my attention, and as far as my hubby
    -umhp- they figured he didn't exist. If we cuddled on the couch they got right in the middle of things vying for attention.

    And if you have a hugh dog, hugh dogs and teeny, cutesy dogs usually don't get along so your husband wouldn't have to feed the teeny, cutesy dogs, cause the hugh dog will have them for dessert.

    So, I say you have a right to a teeny, cutesy, dog but don't expect everyone in the household to like it. And they not going to want your son to touch them.... they will only want YOU

  6. nursetuck Says:

    2nd time putting this up, thinking da hubby gonna put a whammy on me

    right right right get the children to help w/pinky! we need do a pro & con paper and add mo's research
    3 cheers for pinky, hip hip go stay, hip hip go stay, hip hip go stay @ jewels place!

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