Michelle O's commencement address over the weekend starting me thinking--What would I say to graduates if I were giving the keynote address? I think my message would be on the same vein as Michelle's--enjoy life, give back, and don't lose sight of what's important.

Enjoyment is key. Life is much too short and tomorrow is never promised, so live in the moment and see blessings in every circumstance. Don't forget those without whom you've couldn't have made it. Become that person to someone else. Know that being successful does not necessarily mean that you are wealthy. Don't get caught up in the pursuit of money and material things. Realize early that money has nothing to do with happiness. If it did, then Liz Taylor wouldn't have been married 32 times and Michael Jackson wouldnt have a rubber nose. Find things in life that make you happy--family, basketball, toy poodles, whatever! Find those things and enjoy. That's what it's all about!

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  1. catladysd Says:

    Yes, yes and yes. Open yourself up to the joy of life! Problems, yes we have them, troubles, they seem to come in bunches. But every single day has joy in it. And just like it is a good thing to pass it forward to help others it is good to pass forward your joy to others to and hope that they too can get the very most out of life that it has to offer.

    i have completely distanced myself from all negative people in my life on a daily basis. And the ones i have to deal with know they will hear from me 'why don't you look on the brighter side'. So yeah, stop and smell the roses, let your inner child out to play, smile and the world smiles with you!


    Reaching a goal is such a great moment in life, but being at PEACE with oneself is even a bigger goal to reach.

    May we all be at PEACE with self in this world-for although we feel we have a lifetime to conquer the world, it only takes a second to realize, that whatever we plan to do, we better do it now. For tomorrow is not promised. And whatever we have gained up to this point we should enjoy, because it will be left behind - for it cannot be taken with us.

    Therefore, live each moment like it’s your last and if you’re thrown lemons – Make lemonade and add some tequila……and dance the night away…… .


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