Do you know this guy? This is the recently graduated quarterback of the University of Florida football team. His name is Tim Tebow. However, this is NOT a post about football, but rather about eye black, religious beliefs, and constitutional freedoms.

You see, he chose to play football each week with a Scripture written in his eye black. And a lot of folks got angry. Apparently, he's a very conservative Christian guy and rather than wear his faith on his sleeve, he wears it under his eyes. And it earns him a lot of flack.

Why is that? We accept far more from others. Have you seen the permanent tattoos of guys like Tommy Lee or Allen Iverson or David Beckham? Terrelle Pryor used his eye black to show support for his friend, "Vick." Why can't Tim give glory to God? What's up with that?

Again, this is NOT about football. If you are led to comment on his on field performance, his record, his team, his rivals, etc., it means that you don't comprehend well, since you missed the entire point.

Your comments--priceless!!

It's a sad day. I've lost yet another part of my childhood. Donnie Simpson is leaving radio in Washington, DC after 32 years. He is originally from Detroit, but after 32 years in DC, we let him call it "home" too.

Most of the country remembers Donnie from his years on BET's "Video Soul," but in my hometown of Washington, DC, Donnie was our morning radio guy. Since we weren't afforded the luxury of iPods and internet and the such, we counted on guys like Donnie Simpson to introduce us to new music. He also bought us news at the top of the hour. He ended every morning's session with the song, "Jesus is Love."

Alas, everything must change. As Granny used to say, "nothing lasts forever." I'm listening live on the station's website. Celebs are callling left and right to wish him well. Thanks for the memories, Donnie!!

Your comments--priceless!!
While browsing a Barbie site this morning, I came across this picture. It bought back memories of a childhood incident. I laughed out loud.

I know you won't believe it, but I'm a child of the 60s. And when I was a young chick, I loved Twiggy. I mean LOVED Twiggy. I liked the fact that she never smiled. Why I found that interesting-Who knows? I even wanted to dress like Twiggy all the time. In fact, on my Twiggy lunchbox, she had on a pair of white go go boots. Every day at school, while I ate my lunch, I would long for a pair of those boots.

Well, finally, I convinced Mom to buy me a pair. She took me to Rich's in downtown DC. The guy measured my foot and retreated to the back of the store. I remember being soooo anxious. I was scared that they wouldn't have my size and if I didn't get anything, I couldn't get a treat out of the "treasure chest" that they kept for kids. Now, looking back on it, I realize that they were only dollar store trinkets, but back then those treats were to die for.

So anywho, the guy comes back with a box and announces that it was the "last pair." The last pair. That's when I made the decision. The WRONG decision. The decision that I would take those boots home, NO MATTER WHAT! So Mister Man takes the white patent leather boots out of the box and they were gorgeous. It reaffirmed the decision. He put the boots on my feet. They had a long zipper on the inside of the leg. But even before he zipped them, I realized that my toes were folded up inside the shoe part. And I also remembered that he had said, "THE LAST PAIR." I grinned in triumph, but also in pain. I couldn't even walk to the mirror.

For some reason, the psychic powers that Mom usually possessed had taken the day off. I had fooled her. That, in itself, was a great feat. I proclaimed that I loved them. The guy asked if I wanted to wear them home. I KNEW I couldn't walk, so I declined. Mom gave me a headtilt and I thought the jig was up, but she paid for the boots and we left, with me carrying the bag.

I NEVER wore those boots. EVER. I would make up an excuse everytime the subject came up. Of course, it didn't take Mom long to figure it out. I learned an important lesson--what good is having something if you can't use it? I've never forgotten that lesson.

Your comments--priceless!!

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Ok, so yesterday, I found out (AGAIN!) that I'm old and old fashioned. My daughter and I were discussing prom and I suggested a limousine. She looked at me as if I had suggested that they walk to Senior Prom in potato sacks.

"Who does that, Mom???? WHO DOES THAT????" Now, instead of me simply retracting it and abandoning the subject, I took the Old Fashioned Mom route--"Well, when I went to prom, folks rented limos and went to dinner, prom and then the after-parties." Hmmph. I forget her exact response, but I do know that the word "stagecoach" was mentioned.

So, again dear readers, since you are very diverse in age I'll ask. Are limos for prom really "played out"? And more importantly, when did I get old and old fashioned? It had to have been recently. Like last week, or maybe last month. Were any of you there when it happened? Was there a flash of lightning or did my new-fashion simply slink away one day?

Your comments--priceless!!

I found out today that a good friend lost a family member last week. That family member had a medical condition that required medication, but he didn't take it consistently. Folks, if you don't read anything else that I type this year, pay attention to this--We have to do better with our health.

And I'm one to talk. I've neglected my health for years, knowing that I needed to eat better and get my body parts checked regularly, but not doing it. I'm now making a deliberate effort to eat healthier and to exercise regularly, but suppose I had started this regiment years ago? How much better off would I be today? And by the way, I see my hematologist on Monday. I have no idea what my iron level is, but if my energy level is any indication, he may have harsh words.

My greatest fear is losing a parent or a child. But what about me? What if they lose me? Why am I not protecting my own children from living what I think is my greatest fear? It should be a no-brainer, right? What about you? Are you living healthy? Or are you like me--surrounding yourself with junk food and not exercising? Let's do better...

Your comments--priceless!!

There are so many things that I miss from days gone by. Time goes on, life changes, and things that we once held dear are no more--sometimes gone forever and missed and sometimes gone and never thought about again.

My Granny (who is someone that I miss everyday) used to say that nothing lasts forever--not good times or bad times. She was so right. NOTHING lasts forever. Some of the things that didn't last for me and I find myself longing for are:

  • frozen custard from the Polar Bear Frozen Custard place that used to be in DC
  • old friends that I lost touch with, like Brenda Graham, Michelle Pryor, and Katrina Williams (and my cousin, Rachel Rascoe)
  • the carefree days of my youth, when I had no idea that we weren't rich
  • the loud, boisterous family gatherings we had all the time
  • my late Aunt Kitty's rum cake
  • great music with G-rated lyrics
  • paperdolls

What do you long for? What do you miss? Can you get it back or is it gone forever?

Your comments--priceless!!

My friend, Bobbi-Jo is trying to get a dream job--backpacking through Australia. She gets the job if she has the most views on YouTube. Please consider voting for her. She's is very close to winning.

She's a lovely young chick, the kind we need more of--smart, sassy, and gorgeous. When I was her age, I wouldn't have ever considered such a thing, but she wants to do it and I've pledged my help.

Look at her video and see what you think....

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God hears our prayers....
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I have a question. It's on of those "Chicken or the Egg" questions. I'm interested to see how you weigh in on it. Here it is--

Is the world really getting worse or do we simply have more immediate, in-depth coverage of news than we did in the past?

Let me explain. Thirty years ago, if a major news story broke, we couldn't turn on CNN and get the news 5 minutes later. We wouldn't have had up to the minute coverage of such an event. In fact, unless you lived in that particular city, you would have had to wait until your next newcast or the next day's paper. Because of the internet and nationally linked news correspondents, most big stories are available to the public within moments and that coverage can last for days, weeks, months, even years.

Has this kind of access made us think that these news items didn't occur years ago? Of course, they did. We still had serial killers, mass murders, kidnappings, etc., didn't we? What do you think? What came first--the news story or the coverage?

Your comments--priceless!!
Last week, I won tickets to the Circus through a contest over at my friend, The Frugalista's blog. Last night was the night. And last night was also FRIGID, but I braved the cold and made it down to the American Airlines Arena.

After a bonechilling walk from a nearby parking lot, we found our way to some magnificent seats. Everyone else had toddlers and little kids. I felt a bit out of place, since my kids are teens, but we had a blast!

Of course, the cirCUS is more like cirQUE these days, but it was still quite a performance. And, there was more than a few temper tantrums, especially when parents wouldnt part with $30 for stuffed animals and $9 for lemonade.

There was only one disappointment for me. Since I was a youngster, the million clowns coming out of the itty bitty car has been my favorite, but the "new" circus doesnt include it. What a bummer!!

By the way, I took the above picture with my new, snazzy little camera!!

Your comments--priceless!!

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Ok, so it happened again. And THIS time, it happened on my watch. Let me explain--Years ago, when I moved here to South Florida, there was talk of snow flurries in Miami back in the '70s. I searched high and low and couldn't find ANYONE who saw it or even knew anyone else that saw it. I chalked it up to urban myth.

Then, last night, the late night news reported snow flurries in a couple of communities. Of course, all of the stations ran out into those communities and none were able to come up with a photograph or video. In this age of camera phones and portable video cams, NOBODY caught it? NOBODY?

What about the person that reported it in the first place? Wouldn't THEY have recorded it in some way? It just doesn't add up to me. Something's rotten in the cotton...

Your comments--priceless!!

TheTinyJEWELBox has a new look!! Can you believe that all that pink actually started to get irritating??? I thought that I needed something different. And here it is... Out with the old--in with the new!!!

What do you all think? Do you like it? Did I forget anything? Let me know..

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This morning, while having a completely random conversation, I thought of Horehound candy and immediately, it reminded me of my great grandmother. She passed away when I was about 12, but I spent a lot of time with her when I was a child.

I could always count on her to have 2 things--candy and books. There was always a stash of candy. Either the icky Horehound, or a Whitman's Sampler, or a can of Katydids. We would always sit and read. I didn't find it odd then, but she loved children's books. We would read oldies like Charlotte's Web and Nancy Drew. I even introduced her to some of my then-favorites like Harriet the Spy and Little House in the Big Woods.

She even taught me a rhyme using the word PREFACE, that was in all of my books. Here it is--

Peter Rabbit Eats Fish, Alligators Catch Eels, Eels Catch Alligators, Fish Eat Raw Potatoes

How strange is it that I remember that 40 years later? Isn't it amazing the things that our minds choose to remember, and those things that we simply forget?

Your comments--priceless!

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So, back in November, I had a couple of friends who got involved in a write-a-novel-in-a-month program. One of them, FOJ Jan, wrote an amazing story. I can't wait until she becomes a celebrated novelist.

Then in December, one of my good friends, FOJ Jackie told me that he thought that I should write a book. I had just told him that HE should write a book and he turned it around on me. I didn't (and still don't) think I had a book in me. By the way, Jackie is a jeweler. If you want the absolute BEST in unique pieces, check his site or his South Florida boutique--Jackie Abraham Jewelers.

Well, about a week later, FOJ Charisse (who makes her living as a life coach) told me that she thought that I had a book in me. I tried to argue with her. She wouldn't hear me. She insists that I have a book, though she wasn't sure what it would be about, or even if it was fiction or nonfiction. She challenged me to write a half hour a day, about anything that came to mind. She said that after a while, the book topic would be apparent.

I must admit, I did it a couple times, but half heartedly and without any enthusiasm. When she asks, I shrug it off. I'm so sure that there's no book in me. And even if there was, what in the world would it be about?

Today, after re-reading yesterday's blog post and what my plan for 2010 is, I've decided to give Charrise's idea an earnest try. I shall write 500 words a day about whatever I want--for January. I'll see what comes of it..
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Have you ever seen a rail yard? A huge place where railroad tracks crisscross so much that you get dizzy looking at it. Do you know the kind of place that I mean?

Well, I'm convinced that I live in such a place. You see, I always plan my life path. I know where I am and I know where I'm going. I have the course plotted out. I even know where I will stop to rest. Unfortunately, in these moments of wisdom, I sometimes forget to consult with God on what HIS plan is. And because of that, He usually finds a place to switch me off my track and put me on His.

That then causes me panic because rather than get closer to MY destination, I seem to be going in a totally different direction. A NORMAL person would accept that this new way is God's plan and go with it. But me? NOPE. I continue to try to get back on MY track. And God continues to divert my train. And we do it over and over.

And another thing, when you are about to switch tracks, you are supposed to slow down. Except when you are God. I can be going full speed ahead. I have my lil engineers hat on and my dirty overalls. I'm hanging out of the locomotive, on my way to wherever. And then-BOOM! God doesn't even slow me down. He just takes the next off ramp. Umph. It really isn't fun.

I've decided that this year, I will NOT fight with God on where I'm going and what I'm going to do when I get there. So there will be no announcement of plans for this year and no declaration of goals. I will submit completely and let him map out the journey. You can find me in the dining car..

Your comments--priceless!!

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Well FOJs, it was one year ago today that I embarked on this blogging adventure. It was a year of highs and lows, peaks and valleys, success and disappointment.

And through it all, YOU were there! Thanks for walking with me. It was great! Here's to 2010..I wish every one of you the best that life has to offer...

Your comments--priceless!!

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