There are so many things that I miss from days gone by. Time goes on, life changes, and things that we once held dear are no more--sometimes gone forever and missed and sometimes gone and never thought about again.

My Granny (who is someone that I miss everyday) used to say that nothing lasts forever--not good times or bad times. She was so right. NOTHING lasts forever. Some of the things that didn't last for me and I find myself longing for are:

  • frozen custard from the Polar Bear Frozen Custard place that used to be in DC
  • old friends that I lost touch with, like Brenda Graham, Michelle Pryor, and Katrina Williams (and my cousin, Rachel Rascoe)
  • the carefree days of my youth, when I had no idea that we weren't rich
  • the loud, boisterous family gatherings we had all the time
  • my late Aunt Kitty's rum cake
  • great music with G-rated lyrics
  • paperdolls

What do you long for? What do you miss? Can you get it back or is it gone forever?

Your comments--priceless!!

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2 Responses
  1. I miss:
    - snapping beans on my Granny's porch
    - trips to Pirtle's Ice Cream on Saturday nights with my father to pick up the Sunday paper and an Archie comic book
    - playing outside until the street lights came on

  2. Dren Says:

    I miss:

    - My mom's homemade ice cream and coconut custard pie.
    - My mom singing gospel music around the house
    - Hanging out with my NY college buddies & sorors.
    - Fried apple pies at McDonald's
    -My Mom, Aunte Bea, Sweet Pea, Aunt Donna and Uncle Rufus.

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