While browsing a Barbie site this morning, I came across this picture. It bought back memories of a childhood incident. I laughed out loud.

I know you won't believe it, but I'm a child of the 60s. And when I was a young chick, I loved Twiggy. I mean LOVED Twiggy. I liked the fact that she never smiled. Why I found that interesting-Who knows? I even wanted to dress like Twiggy all the time. In fact, on my Twiggy lunchbox, she had on a pair of white go go boots. Every day at school, while I ate my lunch, I would long for a pair of those boots.

Well, finally, I convinced Mom to buy me a pair. She took me to Rich's in downtown DC. The guy measured my foot and retreated to the back of the store. I remember being soooo anxious. I was scared that they wouldn't have my size and if I didn't get anything, I couldn't get a treat out of the "treasure chest" that they kept for kids. Now, looking back on it, I realize that they were only dollar store trinkets, but back then those treats were to die for.

So anywho, the guy comes back with a box and announces that it was the "last pair." The last pair. That's when I made the decision. The WRONG decision. The decision that I would take those boots home, NO MATTER WHAT! So Mister Man takes the white patent leather boots out of the box and they were gorgeous. It reaffirmed the decision. He put the boots on my feet. They had a long zipper on the inside of the leg. But even before he zipped them, I realized that my toes were folded up inside the shoe part. And I also remembered that he had said, "THE LAST PAIR." I grinned in triumph, but also in pain. I couldn't even walk to the mirror.

For some reason, the psychic powers that Mom usually possessed had taken the day off. I had fooled her. That, in itself, was a great feat. I proclaimed that I loved them. The guy asked if I wanted to wear them home. I KNEW I couldn't walk, so I declined. Mom gave me a headtilt and I thought the jig was up, but she paid for the boots and we left, with me carrying the bag.

I NEVER wore those boots. EVER. I would make up an excuse everytime the subject came up. Of course, it didn't take Mom long to figure it out. I learned an important lesson--what good is having something if you can't use it? I've never forgotten that lesson.

Your comments--priceless!!

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  1. I actually have a pair almost identical to those! I got them about 4 years ago and I think I wore them once.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I'm still looking for a pair. They will never go out of style. I want the ones Nancy Sinatra had on when she sang, "These boots are made for walking"

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