So, back in November, I had a couple of friends who got involved in a write-a-novel-in-a-month program. One of them, FOJ Jan, wrote an amazing story. I can't wait until she becomes a celebrated novelist.

Then in December, one of my good friends, FOJ Jackie told me that he thought that I should write a book. I had just told him that HE should write a book and he turned it around on me. I didn't (and still don't) think I had a book in me. By the way, Jackie is a jeweler. If you want the absolute BEST in unique pieces, check his site or his South Florida boutique--Jackie Abraham Jewelers.

Well, about a week later, FOJ Charisse (who makes her living as a life coach) told me that she thought that I had a book in me. I tried to argue with her. She wouldn't hear me. She insists that I have a book, though she wasn't sure what it would be about, or even if it was fiction or nonfiction. She challenged me to write a half hour a day, about anything that came to mind. She said that after a while, the book topic would be apparent.

I must admit, I did it a couple times, but half heartedly and without any enthusiasm. When she asks, I shrug it off. I'm so sure that there's no book in me. And even if there was, what in the world would it be about?

Today, after re-reading yesterday's blog post and what my plan for 2010 is, I've decided to give Charrise's idea an earnest try. I shall write 500 words a day about whatever I want--for January. I'll see what comes of it..
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  1. Amarque41 Says:

    I have also had the same suggestions from my wife, her friends, and a couple of teachers in college.

    My wife and teachers enjoyed reading my papers on religion, politics, and social topics. I never felt a burning desire to expand what I wrote about into a book.

    My wife and her girlfriends suggested I write a book on relationships. The girlfriends, who are single, enjoy hearing my perspective on a man's role in a relationship, in response to their questions.

    I struggle to determine if my perspective is even unique. More important, I question if there is an audience that wants to hear about it.

    There seems to be an abundance of books and advice on relationships, but I don't see noticeable improvement in this area. We have to admit that prior generations seemed to have gotten by without all the expert advice. Perhaps, we have complicated the subject.

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