Ok, so yesterday, I found out (AGAIN!) that I'm old and old fashioned. My daughter and I were discussing prom and I suggested a limousine. She looked at me as if I had suggested that they walk to Senior Prom in potato sacks.

"Who does that, Mom???? WHO DOES THAT????" Now, instead of me simply retracting it and abandoning the subject, I took the Old Fashioned Mom route--"Well, when I went to prom, folks rented limos and went to dinner, prom and then the after-parties." Hmmph. I forget her exact response, but I do know that the word "stagecoach" was mentioned.

So, again dear readers, since you are very diverse in age I'll ask. Are limos for prom really "played out"? And more importantly, when did I get old and old fashioned? It had to have been recently. Like last week, or maybe last month. Were any of you there when it happened? Was there a flash of lightning or did my new-fashion simply slink away one day?

Your comments--priceless!!

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  1. Yum Yucky Says:

    We don't get old fashioned until the child look at us in horror over a suggestion, or calls you lames, or asks you to NOT dance in public.

    I guess the limo really is old hat. ((shrugs))

  2. Well call me old fashioned too. I didn't realize they were no longer in style. Do Hummer limos not count? Do they catch the bus/train? Does everyone just drive their own car?

  3. ~Jewel Says:

    They RENT cars. no hummers. no limos. you're dating yourself!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I guess I'm getting old too...I thought they still rented limos for special occasions?! Don't feel bad, my oldest looks at me silly when I suggest different things to him like I'm from another planet.

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