I found out today that a good friend lost a family member last week. That family member had a medical condition that required medication, but he didn't take it consistently. Folks, if you don't read anything else that I type this year, pay attention to this--We have to do better with our health.

And I'm one to talk. I've neglected my health for years, knowing that I needed to eat better and get my body parts checked regularly, but not doing it. I'm now making a deliberate effort to eat healthier and to exercise regularly, but suppose I had started this regiment years ago? How much better off would I be today? And by the way, I see my hematologist on Monday. I have no idea what my iron level is, but if my energy level is any indication, he may have harsh words.

My greatest fear is losing a parent or a child. But what about me? What if they lose me? Why am I not protecting my own children from living what I think is my greatest fear? It should be a no-brainer, right? What about you? Are you living healthy? Or are you like me--surrounding yourself with junk food and not exercising? Let's do better...

Your comments--priceless!!

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