Last week, I won tickets to the Circus through a contest over at my friend, The Frugalista's blog. Last night was the night. And last night was also FRIGID, but I braved the cold and made it down to the American Airlines Arena.

After a bonechilling walk from a nearby parking lot, we found our way to some magnificent seats. Everyone else had toddlers and little kids. I felt a bit out of place, since my kids are teens, but we had a blast!

Of course, the cirCUS is more like cirQUE these days, but it was still quite a performance. And, there was more than a few temper tantrums, especially when parents wouldnt part with $30 for stuffed animals and $9 for lemonade.

There was only one disappointment for me. Since I was a youngster, the million clowns coming out of the itty bitty car has been my favorite, but the "new" circus doesnt include it. What a bummer!!

By the way, I took the above picture with my new, snazzy little camera!!

Your comments--priceless!!

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  1. I use to love going to the circus!!! Glad you had a fun time!

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