Last night, the finale of Celebrity Apprentice aired. I had watched most of the episodes during the season. It came down to the final 2, comedienne Joan Rivers and poker pro Annie Duke. I thought Annie would ultimately win, though I was rooting for Joan, purely because of her age and spunk.

While they are both smart, they couldn't be more different, as far as business style. Annie rules with an iron fist, and is somewhat of a micro manager. Joan takes more of a team approach.

In the end, Joan was announced as the winner-- beating out Annie, as well as Dennis Rodman, Brian McKnight, T-Boz, Khloe Khardasian, Clint Black, and others. Again, I was impressed with the sheer stamina of Joan. She looked as if she had more energy than I do, and I'm nearly half her age. And she was dressed impeccably. I've never paid much attention to Joan. I knew who she was, but never took her seriously. She's gained a fan! I think I like her swagger!

Did you watch? What did you think? Did The Donald make the right choice?

Your comments--priceless!!
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  1. lifeisfantastic embrace it Says:

    I watched Celebrity Apprentice last night for the first time - because we were at my sisters for Mother's Day and it was that or sit in the room with the men and watch and talk sports. So I sat with the men for about two hours and saw the last hour of CA. I must say Joan Rivers (the horse lady back in the early 70's late night show guest) has changed; she has had enough plastic surgery to look like a statue from the wax museum. However, I must say Joan was on her feet, she was feisty, and she was telling her competitor just what she wanted her to know, and how she wanted her to know. I just knew it was no way The Donald was going to let her be "Fired" even most of the competitors voted for Joan Rivers. All I can say is Joan Rivers has become like fine wine – the older she’s gotten the wiser she’s become. All I can say to Joan is “You GO Gurl!!!!

  2. catladysd Says:

    I have never watched this show before either, but i watched the last hour as i was curious to see who would win. For all the fun folks make of Joan, she is a savvy, funny,energetic, organized and efficient woman, with a heart!

    I'm very glad she won, and dang who is her plastic surgeon for 75 she looks pretty dang good to me.

  3. I didn't watch, but I would guess that I'm more of an Annie Duke fan. She raised the most cash for charity and she might bring a little more out of the box thinking to the Donald and his crew.

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