So, a couple weeks ago, I told you about my affiliation with EventChasers.

I went to the Marlins game last Friday night. Read my review here. If you are a blogger, I HIGHLY recommend EventChaser. You get to enjoy sporting events, concerts, plays, etc. in return for you taking pictures and writing a review. That's my kind of deal!

Your comments--priceless!!
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  1. nursetuck Says:

    wow that looked and sounded like great fun! I had rubbed my eyes a few times at the hot tubs, guess its a geographical norm for you.

  2. Lifeisfantastic Embrace It Says:

    Fantastic looks like alot of fun... and it's free... Thinking I could see the Dodgers beat the Marlins @ home @ Dodgers Stadium - if I ever settle down and do my blog... It just seems I don't have enough time, but then again I should make time.....Have a good time EventChasing......

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