Remember that really cool Disney Interactive event for bloggers that I went to? Well, the same folks that put it together have contacted me again for another cool event. This time I'll be "Taking a Ride on the Wild Side with Chevy."

Chevy has partnered with Lion Country Safari to reach out to bloggers. They will furnish a new Chevy for my family to take a 90 minute trip through Lion Country Safari. This is a cool way to take a test drive, huh? They are even providing Panera Bread boxed lunches for the adventure.

This will all happen next Friday, so look for my post about it next weekend. My husband and kids are excited. I am too--I haven't been to Lion Country Safari since I was a kid. I'll be sure to take plenty of pictures and videos to share!

Your comments--priceless!!!

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  1. Dayngr Says:

    We'll be there too!!

  2. Michelle Says:

    How do you get to do all these cool things and then get a boxed lunch from one of my favorite lunch spots!

    You are lucky..HAVE FUN!

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