So, I went to a VERY cool event yesterday. General Motors came into town to promote their new crossover, Terrain. They hosted a few bloggers at auto dealership in downtown Miami for a very cool program. Since it was auto related, Dear Husband tagged along.

It was actually very nice. Brickell Motors has laid out a very nice breakfast spread for us. They also had wireless internet access, which allowed us to tweet and or/blog live from the event.

GM Diversity Communications Manager and her team really rolled out the red carpet. We first got to hear some scary stuff from 2 women with SafeKids. They talked about vehicle safety for children. Having 3 kids of my own, I thought I knew all there was about car seats and seat belts and the such. Come to find out, neither my children OR me have been traveling very safe. This is the season of holiday traveling. EVERYONE should go to their site to get critical info.

Then the very fabulous Lori Norwood spoke at length about trim on the Terrain. Lori is a creative designer for General Motors. I LOVE to see women doing it large!

Hugh Milne, GM Marketing Manager spoke next. He talked about all the features of this particular vehicle. I have to admit--I was impressed and so was my husband. I might add that it takes a LOT to impress the hubby on a car.

Finally, they announced that we would all have the opportunity to drive the vehicle. Carolyn pulled out a goodie bag and said that we would all get one before we left. She said that it contained swag from their partners, including an emergency blanket, a first aid kit, flares, etc. Then she said, "But, I want to give you all something out of the bag BEFORE you go outside to drive the cars. We realize you all are bloggers and you present things to your readers.." She then handed out "already charged" Sony Webbies, courtesy of Sony. Thanks Sony!

Of course, I had my Flip, but I was wayyy excited about the Webbie. It's a very cool little camera/video recorder. Of course, the Husband swiped it, almost immediately after it hit my hand. He thanked the folks profusely. I haven't seen it since.

Anywho, after the test drive, I was sold. It is truly a great car. And not expensive either. This just may be my next major purchase. If you need more info about it, let me know. I have a lot!

Your comments--priceless!!

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  1. Beth Says:

    How fun! That is so great that you got a camera. Sorry I forgot to call on Tuesday. Things are getting crazy.

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