A week ago today, Pastor Bob Coy of Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale, delivered an awesome message to me. I've thought about it every day since then. It was about holiday gifts. He spoke about how stressed we allow ourselves to become during this season. He mentioned how odd it was that we would spend Thanksgiving giving thanks, then get up early for shopping on Friday--buying gifts for those who really didn't need them.

I agree. We are in a different time. Our economy is in dire straits. Many are underemployed, many unemployed. Entire cities and states are hurting. Yet, even with all of this going on, we are STILL in better shape than most of the world. Have you thought about that? There are folks around the world living in such dispair that they would give their life for the mere chance of making it to America.

Should we really be stressed about gifts? Seriously? Let's give of ourselves. Let's help others. Let's look at our lives and be TRULY thankful for those spiritual gifts that we all have been granted. Then let's look at how we can help others. It doesn't have to be a huge effort. It doesn't even have to cost you a dime. Even those without money have spiritual gifts that can be shared. If you don't have money or time, can you spare a kind word to someone in turmoil?

I'm convinced that each life has a purpose. What's yours? What can you give of yourself? What gift has God given you that you can share with others?

Your comments--priceless!!

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  1. JenellyBean Says:

    My fiance and I dont stress out about gifts at all.

    Our motto is "You don't get a gift because we share the same blood"

    Basically, you must be involved in our lives at this moment to get anything from us. You always have those folks that you call family expecting a gift, when you haven't heard from them or seen them in forever.

  2. Ugmolicious Says:

    I've held this philosophy for many years now. I don't feel that I need the impetus of a "so-called" special holiday season to do something special for my loved ones or the less fortunate. Do I need to hear "Tis the Season To Be Jolly" playing over the radio airwaves to know that I can be happy? I despise the commercial hypocrisy disguised as good tidings and good will. More suicides occur during this so-called "Holiday Season" than any other time of the year. Do hungry people only become hungry at Thanksgiving? Are the homeless only homeless during Christmas? Do you only show and tell your significant other that you "love" them on Valentine's day? I remember a time when people loved more, shared more, cared for their neighbor's welfare, were genuinely interested in their progress, and followed social morays that promoted benefit for their entire neighborhood. What happened to us? Have we bought so deeply into the hype that we have forgotten who we are? Our good sense and concern has been replaced with what labels we wear, the car we drive, the latest shoe brand, how many bedrooms are in our homes, or the clubs or societies we belong to.
    People are sick among us, poor among us, homeless among us, struggling among us............and we don't seem to notice as long as we can keep "our stuff".
    I don't need a special holiday to be THANKFUL that I have the good fortune to be alive each day.....for, each day that I live is an opportunity to be a better man and a better person. Every day I live "is" a special holiday.

  3. Great message, Jewel! I always remember a sermon from our old Pastor years ago during the Christmas season. Remember the Martha and Mary story from the bible? Are you going to have a Mary Christmas or a Martha Christmas?


  4. catladysd Says:

    While i enjoy the holidays and the good feelings it seems to evoke in most people, i'm kinda in the spirit year round. I am so grateful for the bountiful life i have been given and have tried in many small ways to pass it forward to others. There is no better feeling of joy than to put a smile on someone's face, or erase a worry line, or just sharing a hug. People are always so surprised when i ask them if they would like to get in line in front of me, or let them pull into the flow of traffic, even those small things make a difference. It doesn't have to be about money!

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