The Michael Jackson flick, This is It, is now the highest grossing concert film of all time. It chronicles his last days of life. It was originally supposed to run for 2 weeks, but has been extended through Thanksgiving weekend.

Many of my friends have seen it and say it's incredible. I have no desire. Maybe I'll catch it on cable. Of course, I was a huge MJ fan as a child, but as a teen or adult, I never bought a single record or CD of his. I was saddened at his death, but I didn't go into mourning, nor was I shocked.

Did you see it? Do you plan to? Are you MJ's number 1 fan?

Your comments, priceless!!

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  1. MOMSWEB Says:

    I haven't seen the movie nor plan to see it, HOWEVER, I have children and nieces that love MJ and I'll probably by the DVD as a Christmas gift if it's out by then.

  2. I haven't seen it but everyone I know that has, has loved it!

  3. Karen Vaughn Says:

    The movie was a great visual of Mike at work doing what he loved. What a joy to see him create!

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