Today is my anniversary. And while thinking about it this morning, I came up with what I will call "The Essential Core of Relationships."

It doesn't necessarily mean marriage, but rather any relationship--friends, employers/employees, co-workers, neighbors, teacher/student, etc. For me, the essential core of ANY relationship is respect.

We have to respect the wishes of others, the beliefs of others, the morals and standards of others. We have to respect their opionions, their choices, and their actions. Without mutual respect, there is NO relationship.

Do you agree? If not, tell me what the essential core is...

Your comments--priceless!!

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3 Responses
  1. Sinfully Says:

    Happy Anniversary!!! I agree with respect being an essential core to any relationship. I would like to add self-respect. Because without it, all other forms of respect will probably fail.

  2. Happy Anniversary!!! I completely agree! I also think the 2nd most important thing is trust. Which kinda goes in with respect.

  3. nursetuck Says:

    I essential core is trust. I need to be able to trust other people w/my stuff (personal feelings etc)]. Mutual respect & admiration goes a long way

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