Isn't it funny how things can actually be very different from how they appear?? Have you ever noticed that?

Lately, I've noticed people who have a distorted view of themselves. Makes me wonder if they are looking in a fun house mirror. You know, one of those distorted ones. Makes things look way different than they really are. While they think they look smart, hip, and witty, others see them as bitter, jealous, and not so smart.

Is it true that folks buy those weird mirrors just so that they don't have to see their true selves? Wow, that's deep. I'm glad that I can truly say, I know who I am. I recognize my faults and I hold myself accountable for my own actions and decisions.

What about you? Are you looking at yourself in a funhouse mirror? Are you looking at the world through rose colored glasses? Why? Please realize that regardless of what YOU see--others see the real you. You are only fooling you.

Your comments--priceless!!

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  1. catladysd Says:

    If you really want to know if that spandex outfit looks good on you ask a 7 year old, they are still honest! lol

    One of the best times in my life is when i grew into acceptance of who and what i am and learned to love me just that way. To change what i wanted to change and to accept what i wasnt willing to change and just enjoy life. Once i accepted myself i could accept all others just as they are without judgement. Really takes a weight off your shoulders when you let all that go!

    Let my mirrors reflect what is truly there!

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