Ok, so why is it that when I arrive up to the Drive Through Window of certain, nameless fast food restaurants, I have to ask for napkins? And even then, they give me 1. Not 1 per item, or 1 per sandwich, or even 1 per occupant in the car, just ONE. A single napkin. You have to beg to get more.

Why is that? Are napkins really that expensive? And if they are, will we soon be charged for them, much like the airlines charge for baggage? So I'll drive up and say, "Give me a Mega Burger with extra cheese, no onions, and please put the mustard on the side. I'll also have a Super Size fries, a Medium Diet Grape Faygo and 3 napkins....Wait, make that 4 napkins...Wait..Can I get 3 napkins and a paper towel? Thanks, that's it. WAIT...How much are straws???"

Your comments--priceless!!!

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  1. I think it depends on where you go. I've never had that problem at Arby's but, for example, McDonald's can be stingy with the napkins. And Taco Bell always gives you way more than you need. So it depends on where you go and ultimately where they're located.

  2. You can get diet grape Faygo thru a drive-thru?

    Great post!

  3. catladysd Says:

    LOL don't you just hate that especially if you are eating in the car and have 4 other places to go to after you finish!

    Things are tough all over i guess, my sister tells me her local walmart has a big sign up saying after jan 1 they will no long supply plastic bags for your purchases. Now as someone who takes her own canvas bags shopping with me i don't mind but goodness for those folks who check out with the basket overflowing good luck!

  4. I've came across this as well!!! Maybe they're trying to be more green?

  5. dellgirl Says:

    You got that right! Don't give them any ideas by asking, "How much for the straws" though ... they'll surely start charging for them.

    This reminds me, my daughter loves honey with her biscuits and always says, "please give me lots of honey."

    They give her 4. She requests politely, "just a few more, please."

    3 more. Then she flashes that big beautiful smile of hers and asks sweetly, "Can I have just a couple more, please?"

    She usually ends up with the amount needed for her biscuits.

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