Today marks the 19th anniversary of then President George H W Bush signing the ADA. It's the law that protects individuals with physical or mental impairments. It protects them in the areas of Employment, Public Entities & Public Transportation, Public Accommodations, and Telecommunications, among others. It prevents discrimination.

What does it say about society when we need laws to protect the least of us?

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  1. catladysd Says:

    It seems that human kindness and sensibility should be enough but unfortunately we are forced to legislate what should come naturally. Family helping family, friend helping friend, neighbor helping neighbor still happens, but frequently i see folks trying to get what they can without regard for others. I often wish for a simpler time where folks took the time and effort to care about others.

  2. lifeisfantaztic embrace it Says:

    Legislation has to be enforced because unfortunately human kindness and sensibility has eroded in many of today's mankind. Where as people once had empathy, respect and love for one another, it no longer exist and has been replace with greed, hatred and plain and simple (no common sense. And this is with people no visible mental or physical impairment

    Some of us never can understand the position of someone different from us. Too many people make judgements and conclusions on outer appearance without knowing the full situation.

    Only 19 years, this has been in place and you wonder how many people have been discriminated against and still are because of lack of knowledge of individuals that are physically or mentally disabled.

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