My regular readers know that I suffer from severe anemia. These last few months have been full of medical procedures and weekly visits to my hematologist. I take a large amount of iron in pill form everyday. While the iron pills haven't done very much for my hemoglobin numbers, they have curbed my constant craving for ice. That's a blessing because, at my worst, I would have rather eaten ice than food.

Well anyhow, last night, while talking to one of my favorite folks in the world, I explained that I hardly ever have that overwhelming desire for ice anymore. This lead to a discussion about the "best" ice, and where to get it. You see, ice cravers like me have preferences. Of course, I have the fancy schmancy fridge that makes ice, but I don't like the shape of that ice. The cubes aren't cubes at all. They are long and curved and much too dense.

I believe McDonald's has the best ice. They have flat, circular "cubes" that fit nicely in your mouth and hold their shape in non-carbonated beverages. I would give McDonald's ice a score of 9. The next best ice comes from Pollo Tropical. They have the true square cubes, but again, the size and density are amazing! I would give them a 7.5. In fairness, I probably should mention that Pollo Tropical using an inferior cup, that starts to leak in less than an hour. (You can't expect me to eat a huge cup of ice in less than an hour, can you?) The worst ice is from Antonio's pizza. The ice there is crushed--YUCK! It's like eating a snowcone without the syrup. I give them a score of 1. The next worse is KFC--the ice is too watery and melts too quickly, though they do use a plastic cup--no chance of leaking.

As you can see, I've become quite an expert on the ice served in my immediate neighborhood. Have you ever given it any thought? Or are you one of those folks who chooses places to eat, based strictly on the food???

Your comments--priceless!!
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  1. Katz Scratch Says:

    I had to check to see if ANYONE else felt as strongly about ice as you do. Way too funny! However, if you have an iron deficiency, which I have had, you can relate. I wish you could write a column on eating Argo Starch or NC red clay. I'd love to hear WHY people do that!!

  2. Sharon Ball Says:

    I'm not an ice afficionado, but I do love McDonalds coke. Their fountain coke is the absolute best. I'd give them a 9.5 just for their coke. Next time I'll have to pay attention to the ice before I slurp down my drink in record time.

  3. TwoFishFive Says:

    What are we going to do with you? That was Laugh Out Loud funny! Peasant that I am, I choose places to eat based SOLELY on whether or not I like what they serve. I have to admit that I DO pay attention to ice texture and density as well, because I am an occasional cruncher, but for a different reason: the surprise inside! I haven't found one YET, but "yet" is the operative word!

  4. Haha! This is too good. I love eating ice. I have to admit I use to love Hardees ice because it was crushed.

  5. catladysd Says:

    I didn't know anemia caused ice eating compulsion, no wonder mine has diminished since i too have been taking iron for my anemia. I was just thinking about the other day that i don't chew on ice like i used to. I do like to crunch on crushed ice when crunching but i agree mickey dees has good ice!

  6. lifeisfantaztic embrace it Says:

    Anemic and I was in love with the ice @ McDonald's - I could take the elevator @ work downstairs and walk into Mickey D's and order a Large Cup of Ice... they knew I was coming and they knew that's all I was ordering... and they accommodated me...... I was crunching on ice all day ..... until I got my iron intake in order. However, when I slip and don't take my meds.... I have and will drive thru Mickey D's for a Large Cup of Ice. Remembers asking the girl for some catsup after she gave me the ice..... talking about getting a strange look...... lol if only she knew.... I had some In and Out Fries

  7. JenellyBean Says:

    This was very interesting...
    I kept saying "Shes serious?"


    I'm now going to pay attention to ice everywhere I go just so you and I can have endless discussions.

  8. nursetuck Says:

    HAHA TOO FUNNY COMPARING ICE SUPPLIERS..I'M NOT AN ICE EATER, RARELY HAVE BEVERAGES FROM TAKE-OUT..PREFERS MY BEVERAGES ROOM TEMPT... People with PICA frequently crave and consume nonfood items such as: dirt, clay, paint chips, plaster, ice, cornstarch, etc. Some say it must persist for a month to be considered PICA

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