What is your earliest memory? How far back can you remember? Do you remember when you were a toddler? a baby? in the womb? What things have stayed with you?

I have many snippets of memories from my babyhood, but since I wasn't adept yet on using the calendar, I'm not sure which was the earliest. I do remember the day that Martin Luther King was murdered. We lived in house off of Missouri Avenue in Northwest Washington. I remember that morning. I remember the hardwood floors and the bedroom furniture in my parents' room. I remember the black and white television and I remember my mother crying and when I asked her what was wrong, I remember her going into the adjacent bathroom, getting tissue, wiping and face and saying, "THEY killed Martin Luther King." I had no idea who that was, but I started to cry too. If I live to be 100, I'll never forget that clip of time.

What do you remember? Tell me about it.

Your comments--priceless!!

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  1. Caramel Diva Says:

    My earliest memory was about two years old...I remember playing with this red ball about the size of a tennis ball....I loved that red ball lol

  2. catladysd Says:

    Wow, that opened up a flood of some not so great feelings guess i'm going to have a reflective day.

    My first memory is going to kindergarten on the first day. I can remember being excited and then when it came time for my mother to leave i cried and cried and cried!

    I have a few other memories around the same time, a lady who used to gather up us girls and teach us tumbling. And playing inside huge appliance boxes the neighbor would bring home for us. And the lady across the street who would give us lumps of sugar.

  3. My earliest is getting my head stuck in the banister railings... and hitting my sister on the head with a real, honest-to-God hammer. Feisty beginnings.

  4. lifeisfantaztic embrace it Says:

    My earliest memories were when I was about 2 years old, I remember being what my mother use to call a "noisy child" inquisitive about everything. Think goodness there were older children in the house that were able to answer my questions, because I could wear my mother out. With older siblings, they took me under their wings, and I started to read at a young age and it opened up a whole new world for me.

    The event that occured that I have vivid memories of was when President Kennedy was shot, I remember it was daylight but it seem to go dark very early that day. I remember we were released from school and sent home, where my mother was crying, and others was crying.

  5. one of my earliest memories was a kitten i think i was three..it was all black and it loved me!!i named it pepper.

    another memory was my first time on a swing...i was terrified!!!

  6. nursetuck Says:

    I think had to be around 3-4 yrs old, broke a lamp,,boy did I get in big trouble. Next thing I know I'm off to kindergarten holding my friends hand (we're still friends today one of her daughters has part of my name..many more fun school age memories follow

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