Please help me settle a 40 year old family argument! It all revolves around Porky Pig. You youngsters may not know who Porky Pig is, but the oldheads know. Porky Pig was an animated Warner Brothers cartoon character. His most distinguishing features were his severe stutter and his lack of pants(repeated later in Chuck E. Cheese).

Now, some of you may know that I have brothers. They are 14 months younger than me (which means that they, too, are OLD!) and they are twins. Anyhow, when we were all toddlers, our family "acquired" 3 children's plates. I haven't been able to determine how they came to the family, but they were in our kitchen as far back as I can remember. So, we got THREE plates. (THIS IS SIGNIFICANT). We had 3 children in the family. (THIS, TOO, IS SIGNIFICANT). Two of the plates had a huge Bugs Bunny in the center, and the third had Porky Pig. So, let's examine this. THREE PLATES. THREE KIDS. TWO BUGS. TWINS. ONE PORKY PIG. ME.

Well, at EVERY meal, and I do mean EVERY, there was a huge fight about which of us would get to eat from the plate with the big Porky Pig. It was like whatever meal that was on it tasted so much better. Whoever ended up with it gloated while the other 2 glared. For years, we argued about that plate. There were tears, fighting, slaps, punches, punishments, and it usually ended up with everybody being sent to bed early, sometimes without eating at all.

Anyhow, the plate was MINE. The Porky Pig was MINE. The boys had the Bugs Bunny plates. Porky was MINE!!!!! But noooo, do you think my parents would back me on this???? NOPE! We had to rotate Porky at every meal because they claimed they didn't know who rightfully owned Porky. They knew. They knew. It was MINE! And this lack of support, so early in my formative years, probably contributed heavily to the neurosis I suffer from today. But I digress--

S0metimes now, years later, when we get together as a family, someone will bring up the big Porky Pig plate and it will start a fierce debate. Both of my brothers still claim that the plate was theirs. My parents still claim that the plate didn't have a rightful owner, but was rather a "community" plate. Hmmph!! Ok, so I've told my side the story. Please tell me--WHOSE plate do YOU think it was??

Your comments--priceless!!
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6 Responses
  1. Lynn Says:

    Hahahahahahaha, let's talk about this neurosis a little more...just lie down on the sofa and tell me about your earliest memories, sans the Porky Pig plate, hahahaha.

  2. catladysd Says:

    Dammit it was your plate Jewel. Shooooo by several rights.
    1. You were the oldest.
    2. You were the only girl.
    3. The twins had twin plates
    4. Parents always side with the boys!

    So next get-together tell them to put that in their pipes and smoke it cuz you have spoken!

  3. Sinfully Says:

    As a twin, I'm going to have to side with your parents on this one. Twins need to have something to detach them from the whole "twin thing". And your parents, in the infinite knowledge, realized this. So instead of confining them to the same plate every night, a rotation was instituted, thereby saving tons of money in therapy cost. If only my mother would have incorporated such a masterful plan and allowed me to have my own birthday celebration just once....Well, I digress. The plate should continue to be rotated. Long live the porky pig plate rotation schedule!!!!!!

  4. TwoFishFive Says:

    I am on your side 100% on this one Jewel. NO DOUBT your brothers have a faulty recollection. I am not at all surprised that your parents stayed above the fray--it was just a plate to THEM.

    Besides, being a younger brother myself, I KNOW how younger brothers can be.

  5. lifeisfantaztic embrace it Says:

    The plate rightfully belonged to you otherwise you would have had 3 plates with 3 separate characters. However, parents to avoid confrontation someetime will declare a item as public property. I think your parents declared Porky Pig public property. I just hope that when you have a family reunion at your parents you pass the 3 plates over to the grandchildren so they can remember Bugs and Porky... they don't make cartoons like them anymore............

  6. Inky Says:

    I know it was your plate and I am going to get them to confess to this because I see future problems if the truth does not come out. (the gold bracelets)Ha ha!

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