It was on this day, 25 years ago, that Vanessa L Williams, resigned as Miss America. This came after she made history as the first African American to be crowned Miss America. Soon after, nude photographs of her surfaced and the nightmare began.

Now today, this would be no big deal. Beauty queen scandals are quite commonplace, usually ending with the young lady fading away into oblivion. Vanessa refused to let it happen to her. She held her head high and kept her career moving. She has become quite the entertainer, having been nominated for Grammy, Emmy, and Tony awards.

Personally, I think she is one of the most beautiful women in the world. Simply gorgeous. I admire her drive and determination and the fact that she "never let them see her sweat." She'll always be Miss America to me.

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  1. catladysd Says:

    She is a beautiful and talented woman! We all make choices in our lives that we regret. Sometimes they rise up to bite us in the butt and sometimes we are lucky enough to remain unscathed by a poor choice. My philosophy is to take my bad choices and learn from them and keep looking forward!

  2. I love her on Ugly Betty!

  3. JenellyBean Says:

    Vanessa is a true Diva!

  4. ~ Lady Liz ~ Says:

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    Re: VANESSA - I love her, she is one of the few actresses that I respect and admire. So dignified, low key and just an all around class act. You live and you learn. And yes - the sins of our youth does tend to catch up with us - but the grace of GOD can cover us all. As my mom would say - what you do in the dark will come to light. Enjoy your day Ladies :)

  5. Ugmolicious Says:

    My, My, My..........How time flies!!
    I remember the crowning of Vanessa L. Williams as Miss America 25 years ago. That was such an exciting time for African American people in this country (I believe Black Women were especially proud because of previous ideals that had been promoted as examples of beauty in American culture).

    Then, came the "scandal". One, could arguably surmise that a conspiracy was afoot. However, alas, Vanessa L. Williams was usurped as "Miss America" and was forced to surrender her crown (after 10 months) to Suzette Charles (another woman of African American descent).

    Yes, Vanessa L. Williams made a serious error in judgment early in her career (as many young people do). Yet, she was able to hold her head high, value her worth, and move forward. Looking back, perhaps the experience of having her crown "stripped" made her stronger and more focused. Sadly, one, could also make the argument that she became more famous as a "defrocked" beauty queen, than as a newly crowned one.

    In my opinion, her beauty is secondary to her fortitude and determination. Although, her beauty is legendary, I admire those qualities in her more than her physical beauty. Her accomplishments tremendously overshadow her early career challenges.

    That type of woman is a "Queen" in every arena of life.

  6. K. Michel Says:

    You called it right on this one, Miss Jewel... she's just stunning. Very, very good actress; humble too.

    I love seeing Black women do their thing. I really, really do.

  7. NURSETUCK Says:


  8. lifeisfantaztic embrace it Says:

    Vanessa took a stand and stoodfast to her determination in life. She made a choice to do what many woman in the entertainment business has done take nude pictures. They came back to "haunt" her and she stoodfast, and Let God...... and the rest is history. You go Vanessa.......

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