Have you noticed, lately, how many things can now be bought from vending machines? When I was growing up, soda machines were commonplace, as were newspaper and stamp machines. I remember the break room at my Mom's job that had revolving sandwiches. Now you can buy nearly anything from a vending machine.

Have you seen the machines in the grocery store that dispense movies? What about the machines in Macy's where you can buy Apple products, like iPods, and batteries? And the dispensers in airports that sell perfume?

Well, I've learned that Japan has the most unusual vending machines around. I'm told that you can purchase thing like umbrellas, fresh flowers, and porn from machines. I was able to picture those, but then I learned that you could also get fresh eggs, hot popcorn, beer, french fries, and hot ramen noodles. Wow! And we wonder where the jobs are going..

Your comments--priceless!!
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  1. Sinfully Says:

    I saw a news report last week where there is a vending machine that dispenses slippers at the club for your tired achy feet after a night of dancing. I sure hope there's a woman somewhere getting PAID for that excellent idea.

  2. Rebel Mel Says:

    I was watching the travel channel the other day and they had a special on this place in new york that is an entire restaurant that is run by vending machines. They have burgers, hotdogs, sandwiches etc, but ALL IN A VENDING MACHINE! Behind the vending machines is an entire kitchen. Apparently nothing costs more than 3 dollars at this place too. I really want to make a trip to NY JUST to see this!

  3. catladysd Says:

    I'm afraid to consider what might next be available for some change. I wonder what our great grandmothers would think about all these conveniences that make our lives easier. Not necessarily better but for sure easier.

  4. LUVA Says:

    Amazing, I saw the same footage about the slippers @ the clubs for women with achy feet after wearing high heels. Pretty soon everything is going to be in machines. Now when the day comes when you have to stick your head in a machine and pick out your style cut, shampoo, etc., and stick your hands in to get your nails done, I'M RUNNING!!! hahahahaaa

  5. Ugmolicious Says:

    Isn't automation wonerful? Hot dogs, iPods, hamburgers, popcorn, shoes.......all from a vending machine!! The Post office has gotten into the act also. You can purchase stamps from a postal service vending machine (but if it runs out of correct change on the weekend....you have a problem), or even mail packages via automation.
    My basic concern is, and perhaps, always will be one surrounding the lack of human involvement. Personally, I love the human interaction factor (especially when the people are pleasant). How can you ask a machine personal questions about how their families are doing, where they went on their vacation, how to get to the nearest place that carries a particualr item that is your favorite color........or just receive a simple hello and a smile?
    And, what about the people these machines replace? What happens to them.......their children, their lives? Have we become so enthralled with the notion of "getting it now and as quickly as we can", that we don't stop to think about how it affects the job market in our communities, or its bottom line economic impact? Somehow, when one slows down enough to consider how their lifestyle would drastically change if their job position was "outsourced" to a machine....the convenience of quick and easy automation is not so exciting after all.

  6. I much prefer my hotdogs for a vendor who screams it from the top of their lungs at a sporting event. You just can't get that kind of charm from a machine.

  7. I know! Isn't it crazy!?! I wonder what will come out next

  8. The good job in all of this was for the people that designed the machine.

    I recall as a kid that they claimed you could stick your hand into a soda machine and pull a drink out. I don't know. I preferred having all my fingers to finding out. However, I can confirm that those vending machines that kept candy/snacks on a spiral would malfunction sometimes. If you paid attention, some selections would get you two items because they were not aligned properly in the machine.

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