Being the Blackberry addict that I am, I'm always looking for applications that will further help me organize my life. Yesterday I came across a program called EveryHour. It's pretty simple, every hour on the hour, my Blackberry screams out "cuckoo cuckoo," just like an old fashioned cuckoo clock. I set it to notify me when the clock strikes every hour from 6am to 10pm, even on the weekends. It drove my coworkers mad during the day yesterday and last night, my kids looked at me sideways--every hour on the hour.

Everyone wanted to know WHY? Why do you want it to do that? What purpose does it serve to know that it's the top of the hour? I didn't really have an answer. Well, I did have an answer, I was just embarrassed to say it.

My grandmother used to have a cuckoo clock in her dining room when I was a small girl. Every hour, the cuckoo came out the tiny door on the face of the clock, chirped vigorously, then retreated back. The clock broke at some point, and though the bird no longer popped out, it still hung on her wall for years. When I first heard the cuckoo sound yesterday, I thought of her and smiled, then got a bit misty eyed. You see, Granny passed away 3 years ago and it still feels just like it was yesterday. In fact, I'm more than a little emotional writing this post.

My Granny, Marjorie Hood Scott, was the most amazing woman and I miss her immeasurably. When the clock cuckoos each hour, I think of her and smile. Once yesterday, I think it may have been the 7pm cuckoo, I thought I smelled her spaghetti and meatballs.

So family and friends, I know the cuckoo is annoying and perhaps at some point in the future, I will get rid of it. But for now, please let me have these moments. I miss her...

Your comments--priceless!
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  1. catladysd Says:

    When my grandmother died my aunt swooped in and took all her wonderful things. Since then she has given a few to my sister. Last April, when i went to visit mom and sis i saw she had something of my grandmother's that i treasured. It was a piece of what they called 'tramp art'. During the depression artists would create things on anything and sell it door to door. This is a wood carving on scrap wood. the whole background is chisled into almost a bark looking texture. the center is a still life of grapes and leaves that are carved out and were then painted. the background is stained. It hung on her wall for as long as i can remember. My sister graciously let me bring it home with me. I hung it in my bedroom so it is the first thing i see in the morning and the last thing i see and night and i smile and think of grandma and grandpa and smile.

  2. Laurie Says:

    Let the cuckoo continue. Thats another one of grannys ways of saying "DONT FORGET ME". And we all know you will never get rid of your Blackberry so Granny will always be with you :)

  3. dolf Says:

    Take a look at and check out some more cuckoo clocks to remind you of granny. :)

  4. Moredy Says:

    I completely understand how you feel, while I am blessed that my grandmother is stil around. I drink a particular smokey tea because the scent reminds me of the tabacco my grandfather use to smoke... it makes me smile and feel loved. Long live the Cuckoo!

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