I haven't been sleeping well--some nights I sleep too little, followed by a stretch of sleeping too much. It's being caused by a mixture of stress, anxiety, fear, and excitement. I have so much going on in my life right now.

I don't seem to have a problem falling asleep, my problem lies in staying asleep. I've cut way back on caffeine products and have even stopped watching television in bed. So far, I've stopped short of sleep aids, which I understand are highly addictive. I may, however, try something more holistic, like acupuncture or aromatherapy.

A recent poll found that more than 70% of adults experience a sleep problem at least a few nights a week. Unfortunately, not sleeping well will start to affect every area of your life--your work, your health, your overall attitude, etc. The human body can not function properly without proper rest. This is really becoming a problem for me. My body is starting to shut down during the middle of my work day, because I've been up 12 or 15 hours already.

Are you in that 70 percent who also has sleep problems? Is your problem falling asleep or staying asleep? How do you combat it?

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    I have battled with insomnia most of my life. It used to just come and go sometimes, now however it seems to be ongoing. Luckily being retired i don't have to worry about functioning at work. However, i feel robbed of time, when i absolutely have to lay down during the day, or only get to sleep in the early hours of the morning and then sleep till 10 am or so, and drag the rest of the day.

    I have resorted to sleep aids, i tried homeopathic things, i tried the tylenol pm, i tried several sleeping pills which left me either groggy the next day or did not work For now i use Ambien about every 3rd night because by then i am blurry eyed and need some continuous sleep.

    I try to just adjust with my body, and you may find me washing windows or vacuuming in the middle of the nite!

    so if you ring and i don't answer i'm catching a cat nap probably!

  2. cmiles Says:

    I have insomnia perhaps 2 or 3 times a year. I feel lucky, because there are so many people I know with sleep disorders. I suppose because I dont change my sleep cycle even on the weekends my body seems regulated so every day it knows when to shut down. Those few days a year are not a huge problem, and I'm very grateful.

  3. Sinfully Says:

    I too have suffered from the waking up syndrome. My witching hour is 3 am. I have tried the over the counter remedies with disasterous outcomes. That next day "haziness" wasn't crute. I now take a more common sense and holistic approach. I go to the bathroom before getting into bed. I set the TV timer so as not to have my deep sleep interrupted by the backround noise. I have found a natural dietary supplement to promote restful sleep. It's called RestEZ and it's sold through the envioronmentally friendly company Melaleuca. It doesn't have the next day haziness symptoms and IS NOT habit forming.
    Hopefully this is an adult blog,because the ultimate solution to sleepliness is some GOOD old fashion sex!

  4. Laurie Says:

    Funny you should blogged this THIS morning, I am having the hardest time staying awake and its not even the PM time yet. I too have been having issues sleeping but instead of sleeping less I have been sleeping more. I can actually take 3-5 naps on the weekends and sometimes need a nap before actually going to bed. Maybe I should go to the doctors, or start taking vitamins, whatever the case may be I am not getting stuck with 50 trillion tiny needles so that when I drink my grape koolaid I will look like a dang on endless grape water fountain. QQn @ The Tiny Jewel Box

  5. Sinfully Says:

    spammit, I had a typo...sleeplessness

  6. ~sunshine~ Says:

    I suffer from stress-induced insomnia several times a year. It sucks - I have taken sleep aids, but what I hate about them is I always feel groggy most of the next morning. I've tried meditating, eliminating caffeine, working out after dinner, and several other "home remedies"...nothing seems to work sometimes.

    It sucks! If you find something that works well, let me know!

  7. nursetuck Says:

    I've had sleep problems for many years. Most of it has been attributed to peri-menopause. I've tried quite a few remedies prescription and over the counter. That haziness is annoying but welcomed some days. My hardest problem is staying asleep and getting back. I catch up w/naps whenever I can. I have a few friends the keep cup/carafe of sleepy time tea at the bedsides. Me, I have to get up. Sometimes I make tea, surf the web, chat, read, do chores etc.

    I would suggest getting a complete physical, including hormone levels.
    I know this a little late but umm err I was thinking about you.(smile)

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