I used to have a great memory. Lately, however, things have been slipping through the cracks. I'm forgetting little things (to grab my lunch before I leave in the morning), as well as big things (like a dear friend's birthday) What is that about?

I use a Blackberry and put everything into it without fail. The problem lies in that once it's there, it is both out of sight and out of mind. I've started using the Reminder feature so that my phone nudges me at a set time prior. Even then, I find myself suprised that the event has come up so quickly and am usually ill prepared. At work, I have millions of lists, complete with highlighted items, --lists of things to do today, lists of things I should have done yesterday, lists of things not to forget to put on a list. But again, if something doesn't make it to a list, it might be overlooked.

Is it age that has crept up and made me start forgetting things or is it simply procrastination? Could it be that I'm simply trying to focus on too many things at once? Is it the onset of Alzheimers (gulp)?? Is it just anxiety--perhaps the same anxiety that contributes to my sleeping problems?

What about you? Having bouts of forgetfulness? What do you think it is? Are you using memory aids? Are they working?

Your comments--priceless!
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  1. Sinfully Says:

    LOL..welcome to the
    40's. Pre-Blackberry, I would have a rainbow assortment of post-it notes all over my office desk and computer. Cause if it wasn't written somewhere, then it would surely be forgotten. Nowadays, the calender feature on my Blackberry gets a serious workout. Have I retired the post-it notes??? Heck no!! They are now delegated to back up status. The pretty colors brighten my day!

  2. vlntnnc2@aol.com Says:

    As a person,who is at times, very busy and multi-tasking, I am also guilty of forgetting little things. For example, the other day, I was so pre-occupied with a work project, I left home that morning without my cell phone. (I never do this) Not sure I would attribute this to aging but, its possible.

    What works for me so that I don't forget things are those sticky pads. They are all over my computer. That is one place I know I will spend a great deal of my workday at. As the tasks or projects are completed, I take them down and they are usually replaced by another duty or responsibility.

    Its not a perfect system but, as I age, I imagine I will at least keep one 3M worker employed and, I will be the better for remembering to pick up bread on the way home from work.

  3. catladysd Says:

    My sister is a list maker, i am not. I think we both have the same success rate at remembering, which is deteriorating.

    mostly it is small stuff i can't remember like who starred in that movie, who wrote that book i read last week, is his birthday on the 25th or 26th. sometimes it is something more important.

    I do believe stress is a factor though. My solution is to write some things down on the calendar and to try to not get too frustrated when i do forget something.

    my mom has dementia which is worsening recently. i hurt for her when she cannot remember one of her grandchildren or great grands or whether she ate that day. so i really can't complain about my little forgetfulness.

    jewel i do crosswords, word games, mah jong, anything like that to stimuate the mind they say it helps.

  4. LUVA Says:

    Wow, maybe I need to get me a Blackberry. But would it help? I find myself leaving for work, driving a mile and then thinking.....did I unplug the iron? Did I lock the door? So I drive all the way back home wasting a good 15 minutes coming and leaving back out again only to find out the iron is unplugged and the door is locked. I'm pretty good at remembering deadlines,meetings and places I need to be. It's the little things like the above mentioned along with misplacing stuff.

  5. blqlvrgrl Says:

    I think stress and multi-multi tasking is the reason I forget. I even write things down and forget to look. LOL I signed up for google calendar, but forget to look at what I wrote in my agenda. Somehow, I do not miss anything related to work. I have forgotten my cell or lunch at home. Sometimes I have forgotten a social event. Did I really want to go?

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