Wow, what a day! What a day! I'm thrilled at the possibilities that today's events will bring. But, as always, I'm concerned. I'm concerned that some people have unreasonable expectations. After all, he's still a man, right? He's still mortal, right? He still puts his trousers on one leg at a time, right?

I'm concerned that some folks think that 1 minute after noon today, their lives will change drastically. I'm concerned that when they find out they are expected at work on Wednesday, at the regular time, doing the same work for the same rate of pay, they will be disappointed in the new President. I'm concerned that when they find out that they will still have to pay their bills, as usual, they will become discouraged. He will disappoint us, he will do things we don't agree with. In some ways, he will fail us, but I don't think it will be intentionally. I just think it might be a bit difficult to please every single American every single day. What's good for me might not be good for you.

He's done very well in repeatedly saying that we have a long, tough road ahead of us, but I don't think everyone hears him. We STILL have responsibilities--to ourselves, our families, our communities, and our country. Do not put the weight of the world on this man's shoulders. He uses the word "We" a lot. Who do you think he's talking about? He means US! We have to do our part. No more excuses.

Did you happen to catch Earl Graves, Sr on CNN yesterday? He spoke about there being no more excuses. It was reminiscent of Bill Cosby's controversial "Pound Cake" speech. Mr Graves called out, among others, Black professionals who assert racism while doing mediocre work. He also spoke on young Black men who have been allowed to "embrace the sin of low expectation" It was all I could do to stay seated and not kiss my television screen.

Let's work with the new President. Let's help him with change. And most of all, let's not criticize his efforts. Let's trust that he's doing what's right for us. And let's get involved.

Tuesday's Tips will be Wednesday's Wisdom (just for this week). And in case you didn't guess, it's all about GETTING INVOLVED.

Your comments--priceless!
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  1. Cathi Says:

    Good commentary Jewel.
    Let's hope we can live up to the job of supporting the man we've elected.
    What an exciting day.
    I don't think I got this emotional when Kennedy was Inaugurated.

  2. catladysd Says:

    Jewel you put it so well. But in listening to his speech my faith was made stronger, my belief that change WILL happen is firm. I agree that we must all do our part, however small it might be. No longer should apathy drive mainstream america. I have great feelings of hope and a renewed sense of what can be accomplished under strong leadership.

  3. Amarque Says:

    Very well said Jewel. Ken Hamblin, in his book "Pick a Better Country" also said "poverty need not preclude personal responsibility or be used as an excuse for not seeking advancement."

    I am proud to be in a country where we have an orderly transition. Look at all the countries where transition happens when one president is killed, imprisoned, overthrowed, etc. This is a great country! For those who don't think so, tell me one that is better.

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