I'm a native Washingtonian. DC is my hometown-born and raised. I love that city. From Anacostia to Friendship Heights. From Georgetown to Barry Farms. I embrace it. From Ben's Chili Bowl to Citronelle. From H.D. Woodson to Sidwell Friends. From Fort Totten to Deanwood. From the Tidal Basin to the Frederick Douglas House. From the Carter Barron to Fort Dupont Park.

It's where I was born (Walter Reed). It's where I went to kindergarten(Rudolph Elementary). It's where I went to high school(Coolidge High School). It's where I saw my first play(Pearlie at the National Theatre). It's where I had my first kiss (Haines Point). It's where I had my first job (McDonald's Mazza Gallerie). I LOVE THIS TOWN! I loved it through the riots in the 60s. I loved it through the sorrow of 9/11. I loved it through the terror of the Snipers. My love is unconditional.

But I'm also afraid. I'm afraid that when the cameras start rolling, we'll show off in front of company. That we won't be on our best behavior. That we will embarass ourselves. And that would be tragic. That would take the spotlight off of the historic events.

Let's not conduct ourselves inappropriately. Let's be hospitable to our guests. Let's show them why we are the most powerful city in the world. Let's put on our Big Girl/Boy underwear and sit at the Big People's table. It's never been more important...

Your comments--priceless!
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  1. ~sunshine~ Says:

    I'm hoping for the best. It would terrify me to be there amongst all of those people. I applaud the bravery of those who are going (lol but not really lol)...we'll see what happens and will hopefully be pleasantly surprised!

  2. Moredy Says:

    Amen Family Jewel!!! I am hoping for a peaceful gathering to celebrate our bright future..... and for tight security in case folx wanna act up! I will be one of those people braving the weather to be apart of our nations history and I am hoping that I come out in one piece and alive.. double AMEN!

  3. carogonza Says:

    I am sure that everything will go well. When it comes to these big events DC seems to be able to do it right.

    I know there are sometimes some bad apples but this event is so exciting and wonderful that I trule believe that people will be grown-ups and behave.

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