The new season of American Idol starts this week. I understand that they have made some changes, including adding a new judge. But I have a complaint--Why do they begin each season with the most awful auditions that they can find? Is it comedy? I think it's just plain WRONG! It's public humiliation at it's worse.

They go before the judges and seem to think that they really have a shot at stardom. Now some might say that the contestants aren't forced to do it, and that is true. But does it make it less wrong to prey on them for the sake of advertising and ratings? It's apparent even before most of them start to sing, that they have some internal issues. I always think, "Wow, somebody in this person's life should have sat them down and told them that singing wasn't their thing." Was there no one? NO ONE? Once the judges have berated and belittled them, they come outside where Ryan interviews them. But it's not over yet--the cameras usually follow them outside, further documenting their disgrace. The whole thing turns my stomach.

What about you? Do you watch those auditions? Do you find them humorous? What's your take?

Your comments--priceless!
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  1. Benita Says:

    I hear what you're saying, but many people will do anything to be on TV. Most of them know they cannot sing, like the guy that came in high from New Orleans a couple of yrs ago. I watch them every year. I think that the bloppers are funny.In fact, my husband and I think that the bloppers are the best part of American Idol. The only thing I do not like is if a disabled person is trying to sing and gets on the bloppers. I do not find that funny.
    Again, I believe people know that America is laughing "at" them, not with them. Most of those people feel that they will do anything to get attention and be on TV. That is the sad part.Look at many of the other reality shows that people go on just to get on TV. Look at that lie detector reality show. People were asked questions that could devistate their family and friends. Who in their right mind would go on that show??? I feel that people know what they are getting into and whatever happens, happens...

  2. Sinfully Says:

    Hanging my head in shame...I am guilty of watching every episode of American Idol. It's like secretly watching a "Baby Daddy" episode of Maury or ANY episode of Jerry know it's kinda slimy, but you watch it anyways. I guess it all comes down to choice, for both the participants and the viewers. I choose to watch it...even though I might be loosing some cool points for heaven :-).

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