1. Take lots of pictures to increase your chances of getting just the right shot.

2. Move in close. Stand about 1-2 feet from your subject.

3. Shoot at the subject's eye level. For pets and small children, this may require stooping.

4. Watch the light. In sunlight, move around so that the sun beams on the subject. Inside, turn on extra lights.

5. Use a plain background. Make sure there aren't trees growing from your subject's head or cars dangling from their ears.

6. Try different angles.

7. Discover your phone's capabilities. You may have picture messaging or the ability to use a favorite picture as your phone's wallpaper.

8. Stay still. Jittery hands cause blurring.

9. Set the resolution to HIGH. The quality difference may not be apparent on your phone's display screen, but you'll see it on your computer screen.

10. Be courteous and legal. Ask permission before taking pictures of people. Places like airplanes, courthouses, concert venues, and military bases don't allow cameras or phones. Abide by their rules.
--from Kodak's website
Your comments--priceless!!
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  1. catladysd Says:

    i dunno i kinda like the pictures with buildings as dangly earrings and pine tree hairdos :)

  2. ummm Jewel, is this a way of telling me to read my owners manual?

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