Serenity and calm are my birthright. At the core of my being, I am centered and secure. I release all fear and know that I am always protected. I have faith in the goodness of life. In my heart, I am always at home. The attitude of gratitude fills my life.

These are my affirmations for today. I anticipate difficulty, but I will not claim it.

What actions do you take when you are faced with a stressful day? Do you use prayer and/or affirmations? Let me know. Perhaps I can use some of your suggestions in my own life.

Your comments--priceless!!

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  1. lifeisfantaztic2 embrace it Says:

    When I have a stressful day, I first try to find the positive aspects of the day itself

    I am grateful that GOD has spared me another day on this earth

    I am grateful that I am of sound body and mind

    I am grateful that I have a place of employment that I can go to

    I am grateful that I have a loving and understanding family

    I am grateful for so many positive things in my life
    (and not necessarily in the order shown)

    I also ask GOD each morning to assist me once my feet has hit my employment, for there I know that I will have to deal with all types of people. And I am too blessed to be stressed by others.

    Moreover, I am open and receptive to what life has to bring, and I use prayers and affirmations to manifest change in my life – at any means necessary

    Because as I mentioned I’m too Blessed to be Stress.

  2. Sinfully Says:

    I have a scrolling marquee screensaver on my office computer that says in english and spanish "Worry is the expectation that God will fail."

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