The world has lost a true musical genius. He led a very troubled life, I pray that his soul has found peace.

I had silenced my Blackberry while seeing a movie and when I turned it back on, I was alerted that he had been hospitalized. I followed the story until late into the night. Where were you when you got the news?

Your comments--priceless!!

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  1. catladysd Says:

    Truly a great talent has been silenced. We had just come home from Brannens bridge where we had spent the day swimming and having a bbq. Grandson turned on the tv as we were unloading the van and came out and told us.

  2. blqlvrgrl Says:

    The world has truly lost a great talent. There will never be another Michael Jackson. I was on my way to a co-workers retirements party. One of my best friends called me. I could not believe what she was saying. I pulled over and checked the news stories on my phone..indeed, sadly it was true. He will be missed

  3. Darcel Says:

    I was sitting on my front porch. Our neighbor told us he had just heard it on the radio.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I was on the phone with a colleague while checking my e-mail as I do a hundred times a day -- and I saw a news headline on the aol welcome page -- it read "Michael Jackson passes..." and then I couldn't read any more. I said to my colleague "Oh my! It looks like Michael Jackson has died --- but I can't see the whole headline. Maybe I'm wrong. One sec. Let me check again." Unfortunately, when I rechecked, what I feared was true turned out to be absolutely true. I gasped -- and then shook my head over and over. How could this be true?

    Although in recent years, when Michael Jackson's name was mentioned it was usually in regard to some problem in his life and not his music, listening to his music the past couple of days and reliving his childhood days through video, it is clear....his music helped form me and so many.

    Imagine that -- music that has survived from the era of black and white TV to the iPOD!

  5. LUVA Says:

    We've lost a part of our childhood Thursday afternoon. Though Michael led a troubled life, he was never blessed with the opportunity of being a "plain old kid" like many of us. I was sitting here chatting about Farrah Fawcett and getting ready for rehearsal when I heard the news of his cardiac arrest. Then I went to TMZ and read about it. Still reading and watching the news.....I pray the Jackson family finds peace and closure. Michael will be missed.

  6. lifeisfantastic embrace it Says:

    I was off work dealing with my own illness when the news flashed "Breaking News" and they said Michael Jackson was being rushed to UCLA Medical Center - I immediately said "No not Michael - No" Not to go into my personal history with Michael I will just say that the Lord knew what was best for Michael - Michael had many things planned ahead in his life - He was taking on the tour in London, he was rehearsing, planning and working with his illnesses. Being the perfectionist that he was I'm sure he wanted everything just right.

    However, the Lord called him home and I know he's now resting in heaven, but tomorrow he will be singing "Walk Around Heaven" as he "Moonwalks"

    And as they showed his body being flown from UCLA to the coroners one of the newspersons here in Los Angeles said it best - Michael is flying out of here like Peter Pan someone he always admired. All I can say is Michael Jackson-"I WANT YOU BACK"
    (I remember that was my first album I purchased with my allowance)

    I pray that the Jackson family, friends and fans find closure and peace, and that everyone else remembers Michael Jackson for what he was a man given to us by GOD for a specified time and he was “PHENOMENAL” – may he rest in PEACE (he so deserves it).

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