My problem lately has been focus. I have a long list of things that I need to get accomplished and I just never seem to get started.

This week is nearly filled to the brim. So I'm not going to try to pack more into it. But, starting next week--I will plan my work and work my plan. If I am to received all the blessings that I believe are in store for me, I have to put in the work. I simply haven't been doing it.

But the staycation is over. I am back on course. As always, if you are an obstacle in my path--PREPARE TO BE TRAMPLED!

Your comments--priceless!!

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  1. catladysd Says:

    It always amazes me how easy it seems to be to get diverted from my plans. I think i will try to take inspiration from your post and get back on track too!

  2. If procrastination came to life, it would sound like me.

    I wish you well on the journey back to Focus. I hear that some people like it there ;-)

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