Yesterday, our power was out, due to one of our daily storms. During the rainy season, the power is out regularly, though not usually for long.

On the other side of the house, my kids were scrambling. They were figuring how long they had before they would be bored. DearDaughter used the laptop until it died--about 2 hours or so. Then she turned to her phone. It held out another 2 hours or so. She was in the middle of a text when it shut down. She screamed, "How RUDE!" She moved on to the iPod Touch. It failed her quickly.

DearSon started with his PSP. It actually told him that he had 2 hours and some change. He was happy(for the moment). Two hours later, he picked up his iPod. Oops, he has neglected charging it for the past few days. It didn't last long. He ended up on his phone, but after an hour of steady texting, it too fell asleep.

I fared much better. I actually switched off the laptop after playing a few rounds of Hearts. I decided against watching a movie on my portable DVD player, and went straight for the Kindle. Like my son, I rarely charge the Kindle, but with a battery life of about 2 weeks, I was set. I read for hours and hours, only looking up when one of them yelled because their gadget failed. I even used my Kindle's internet to order new books. Except for being hot as heck, I did quite well. My Blackberry kept me company as well. I was able to tweet quite frequently and keep the Twitterverse updated on my status.

I hope the lesson learned in my home yesterday was to keep your gadgets charged. Somehow, though, I doubt it...


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  1. lifeisfantastic embrace it Says:

    Thanks for the reminder to recharge - recharge - recharge, several weeks ago we had an earthquake and although we didn't lose power or anything - this blog is a great reminder of what if, and if, would we be prepared. Thanks Jewel keep those ideas coming.........

  2. I cannot tell you if any of these come in pink, but a ride in the air conditioned car with one of these makes folks in search of power quite happy.

    Fits in that cigarette lighter that few people use.

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