Well friends, it's been nearly 6 months since I started writing this blog, this is my 155th post, I believe. This venture has been successful beyond my wildest dreams, and has allowed me to meet some great friends. While I'm not tired of writing, I'm definitely tired of coming up with a new topic everyday.

Asking for topic suggestions don't work well for me because I don't usually have an interest in writing about what folks suggest. It's much better for me to come up with my own topics.

I've been thinking about cutting back on writing. I'm also considering using some guest posts, where other like minded individuals would write a post here and there. These things would prevent those stressful mornings when I simply don't have anything to say. Yes, I know it's surprising--hahahaha!

I've also thought about simply closing TheTinyJEWELBOX and not writing anymore period. But, I so appreciate the love of my readers. You guys inspire me, educate me, and, sometimes, just flat out "crack me up." Tell me how you feel...

Your comments--priceless!

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  1. Ugmolicious Says:

    First of all, let me say that I enjoy your blog immensely & although, I don't always comment on each blog.......I stiil read them all.
    Having said that, when I look back on ventures I've embarked upon and had the good fortune to make a difference while engaged in those endeavours (and, yes, I grew weary while continuing my involvement),I now look back on those times and sadly realize that they were the best times in my life. Often, we neglect to see the impact we make on the lives of others until years gone by. I wish I could have seen how valuable my involvement was to me and the people I partnered with during my peak years. While, I have wonderful memories....that nagging question of "What if I had continued and pressed through my weariness to make a greater impact?" is ever present in my thoughts.

  2. catladysd Says:

    Please don't stop! I so enjoy your blogs and the comments. And yes i'm still singing its a small world!

  3. What a great post. Stopping by from SITS to leave some bloggy love!

  4. Tammy Howard Says:

    Stopping by from SITS

    I'm sure you'll do what is right for you. Good luck with your decision.

  5. lifeisfantaztic embrace it Says:

    Please don't stop now - you have a place in my schedule with my morning coffee. I must say that I have and will continue to enjoy TheTinyJEWELBOX blog for many years to come, because although you say you are tried, I believe that you will find the strenght to carry through. Looking forward to more to come.......

  6. LUVA Says:

    Although I love your blogs, I know you will let God direct your path. And I hope it's with more blogs!!! Having guest bloggers is a good idea, it would give you a break.

  7. I'm late to the party, but I have a strong opinion on this one...keep blogging.

    Even if you cut back some, keep it up.

    1. You are good at it.
    2. I enjoy it.
    3. I'm not going to call you every week, but I will keep looking at The Tiny Jewel Box.
    4. Until you can regularly post a blog in 140 characters, Jewel the Tweeter cannot outdo Jewel the blogger.

    Proof in 141 characters from this blog...
    Well friends, it's been nearly 6 months since I started writing this blog, this is my 155th post, I believe. This venture has been successful

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