I guess I'm spoiled by the fact that both my husband and my dad are men. Men's men. The strong, virile kind of men. The kind of men that work hard, provide, and are the rock of the family. I guess that's why I don't understand men that aren't. Men that haved to be begged, coaxed, or even forced to do the right things.

For example, what's the deal with men that don't contribute financially to the household? In these tough economic times, I understand that he may be out of work temporarily. TEMPORARILY. I do understand that. But when your day consists of eating, watching tv, farting, and video games--all day, every day--that is a problem.

And, what about men that have no contact with those children that they know they have fathered? What is manly about that? How can rifts with the other parent keep you away from your child?

And finally, what about gossipy, drama-laden men? If you insist on being catty, be a full maned lion, not Garfield! Let's get it together.

Your comments--priceless!

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  1. catladysd Says:

    It makes you wonder. Without trying to sound like i'm male bashing, i have to agree that especially where children are concerned i do not understand men who virtually turn their backs on their own flesh and blood.

    I wonder if they ever realize how many times their child thinks of them, wishes they too had their "own" father in their lives. Now i know for some children it may be better for their father not to be in their lives because of lifestyle, but i'm not talking bout that.

    I guess we can't know what does or doesn't motivate people to do the right thing. I feel great sadness when i see people who have given up or just laid down and no longer really participate in life. Life is so short and precious, i wish they all could experience the excitement of each day given us.

  2. Ugmolicious Says:

    I am somewhat amazed that more of my brothers have not weighed in on this topic. Perhaps, weightier matters occupy their time and they aren't afforded the pleasure of reading an insightful blog such as this.....or responding to one...lol.

    Spoiled by a man's man???

    Shouldn't that be a reasonable expectation? Or is it considered to be a "delicacy" that is likened to escargo or caviar?

    It is shameful and reprehensible that the existence of a man's man is considered an anomaly in today's society, so much so that women who experience this rare individual are torn between feeling guilty about having such a man in their lives (while their female counterparts long & pray for such an experience)and showing celebratory thankfulness that they have been blessed beyond compare.

    The concept of a man who does not support his children (both financially and emotionally)is a foreign one to me and subversive to the furtherance of generational wholeness.

    What is this perverse notion of a woman taking care of a man financially? He has nothing to bring to the table except his physical attributes (which will soon dissipate and deteriorate with time and age), yet, his woman supports and tolerates his shenanigans by allowing herself to be placed in a position of being his "surrogate" Mama and feeding his laziness and incompetence with misplaced acceptance of his lackadaisical behavior (i.e., laying around all day doing absolutely nothing without any form of gainful employment, or any plans toward legitimate support for his female counterpart/life partner). Unfortunately, this practice is becoming increasingly common as females "de-value" themselves and buy into the theory that a "partial" man is better than no man at all.

    Hint: This begins at home. If your son is lazy, has lack of goals, lack of discipline, is disrespectful to you, has poor grades and low test scores, & other anti-social behavior while living at home with his parent/parents......how can he be of benefit to a woman (or her future) and add value to her life?

    Finally, a gossipy, drama-laden man? Puhleeze??????? That's not a Lion. That's a vagina cat!!!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    All I can say is I agree with Ugmoliciouscomments - I don't understand people in general who don't contribute and stand up and do the right thing in this society. But then you may ask what is the right thing - and I say read your Bible, Koran or whatever religion you have and let it guide you to the right things of life. And if you contribute to the population of society, PLEASE teach your children VALUES of the Right Thing

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