Yesterday, the husband and I went to see Transformers 2. The show was at 4:30. We arrived at the mall at about 3:15, picked up our tickets, and walked the around for a little bit before we went back to the theater at about 4:00.

The theater was filling fast. We found seats. The next half hour was filled with "Is this seat taken? Is that seat taken? Can you move down one?" etc. What is the deal with that? How come you show up 5 mins before screening time with a party of 6 and are upset when 20 other folks won't shift their own seats around so that you and yours can sit together?

Or worse, why show up 10 mins late and want to keep striding back and forth in front of the screen? Is that right? Especially when the tickets were $14 each?

And finally, if you are sitting next to me and have popcorn and nachos and I have none, why get upset when I casually reach over and grab a handful?? I know that we don't know each other, but heck, we're spending 2 hours next to each other in the dark. There are married folks that don't spend that much darkness together. Give up the popcorn!!!

Your comments--priceless!!
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  1. catladysd Says:

    LOL! I once went to a matinee by myself, the theater had 2 other people in it i sat dead center, they were up near the back. An older lady came in, looked around, and sat down smack next to me. At first i was feeling a bit annoyed but then i just saw the humor in it and wanted to laugh out loud! People really are funny.

  2. cmiles Says:


    This is so funny. Give up the popcorn? Glad u went with the hubby, rofl.

  3. Sinfully Says:

    LOL...How was the movie? And more importantly, did you score any snacks from the stranger sitting next to you?

  4. Denise Schoeffner Says:

    Love all your comments and agree with you except keep your paws off my popcorn. I have had a weird experience in a movie theater twice in my life. We show up early and sit in the center. Half way up the rows and in the middle of the row. No one else is there but us and one couple walks in and sit down in the seat next to me. All the other seats are available and they have to sit right next to me?

  5. lifeisfantastic embrace it Says:

    LOL, Ok now Jewel, I was with you find a seat and sit down. Because I am usually early to pick my perfect spot and I am not moving, sorry, and if I do move it’s because I choose to. But, when it comes to my refreshments – “Hands Off” just cause I’m sitting next to you for 2 hours or more in the dark you better not stick your hand in my popcorn or nachos, and if you sip my drink and you not with me – it’s on.

    However, I'm not one that goes to a movie when it's opening night unless, I'm really interested, because I like when folks don’t sit next to me, unless they are with me in the movies, I like my space.

  6. Too funny! I have to say I'm always late to a movie (and everywhere else) but I have never asked anyone to move for me. Hope you enjoyed your date day.

  7. Hahaha love this! Yeah those people who show up late and want you to no!

    However if someone reached into my popcorn that I didn't know. They probably wouldn't have that hand anymore....

  8. You are too funny. Love when you said don't get upset when I grab a handful of your popcorn and nachos. And especially when you said "Give up the popcorn!!!" Thanks for the laughs.

  9. LUVA Says:

    And this is why I do the Drive-In. hahahaha I have no tolerance for movie theaters. And I don't have to worry bout anyone reaching over eatin my food, hahahaa

  10. Ugmolicious Says:

    Isn't the theater experience just wonderful?
    I try to avoid opening day for a movie if I can manage it.
    The five things that annoy me most while attending a movie theater are:
    1) People who bring their babies and small children to a movie that is geared specifically for adults.
    2) Folks who take all day to find a seat after coming late....then, after finding said seat have to get up 5 times during the movie to go out of the theater.....all the while causing me to have to get up to let them out (my legs are long).
    3) People who talk to me or to others all through the movie (I didn't pay premium bucks to listen to your performance).
    4) Little children who kick my seat just as I'm taking a sip of soda or eating my popcorn.
    5) Folk who cough right behind/beside me or sneeze without covering their mouths.
    As far as someone reaching into my popcorn bag......that would be proper cause in a court of law for an

  11. I personally think some people show up late just to make people sitting on the end move for them. I hate being asked will you move down. NO WAY...

    Oh yeah, you forgot the people who you just moved for and as soon as you've gotten comfortable again they get to go to the bathroom...

    I also hate the cellphone chatters

  12. Mo Says:

    Okay, I love this Topic!!! First let me say that I feel like there is a serious delcine in common courtesy at the Movie Theaters. Who said it was okay to chew with a mouthfull of popcorn with your mouth open because it's dark and no one can see you.. Guess what people we can still HEAR you! I have had several situations where I turned around and asked them to close their mouth when they chew. Let's not even talk about the Chatty Cathy's. Have people forgotten that they are in public place and not in the comforts of your own home? Is it necessary to talk about Nuk Nuk and pookie while the movie is on and then have the nerve to say " I miss that, what did he just say?" .. Well one day they pushed me too far and I had to turn around and tell the chatters. We don't know what was just said on the screen because you keep talking and no one can hear the dang on movie!!!

  13. Popcorn and a drink at the movies might cost as much as the ticket.

    If a stranger comes for my popcorn, we will have major if I could bring my own that would be different.

    I might pass out some goods to get you to move over so my crew can sit together ;-)

  14. Eddie Says:

    I remeber once I went to a late movie. Got home and discovered my wallet was missing, dang, what to do? Early the next morning I jetted down to the theater, told the manager my story and he let me in...Lo and behold, beneath the seat where I was seated...there lay my wallet...Guess they were not up on cleaning up after the last showing. Anyway, all is well that ends well...

  15. Marc Lowery Says:

    Yeah See...Give Up the Popcorn and Nobody gets Hurt!!! LMAO jewel You are a mess

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