The Powerball lottery jackpot crept up to $232 million dollars last month, before finally being won by a 23 year old, South Dakota cowboy. After seeing him on television, a little of my anger over not winning myself subsided. He bought his ticket in a little town called Winner.

The Powerball officials held a press conference on Friday to showcase him and I must say, he seemed like just the kind of person who should have won, IF I couldn't. He lives with his parents on a 320-acre cattle ranch.

Seems that his family had fallen on hard times. They don't have a phone, their mobile home was repossessed, they are behind in their taxes, and had taken to selling scrap metal and picking up hay off the side of the road to feed their animals. They live in one of the poorest counties in the country.

At the press conference, he read from a prepared statement. In his first statement, he thanked the Lord for the opportunity and blessing. He then vowed not to squander it. He said he wanted to repay his community "many times over" for helping his family. Even though he took the lump sum payout, he has yet to go on a spending spree.

I think he has his head on straight. I hope he follows through with his plans. And I still praying for my own ship to come in.

Your comments--priceless!!

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  1. blqlvrgrl Says:

    I saw this story on our morning news.For once, someone won that lottery that first gave God the credit and second, shared that he would not only help his family but, the community that assisted him. I pray this young man keeps his word. I am so happy to see someone win seems to know what to do with the money and really needs it. May God richly bless him and his family.

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