I'm jealous of those folks on television that predict the weather. How come they are hardly ever right and get to keep their jobs? Why do we even need weather folks? What would happen if we didn't have them.

Right now, we listen to the weather report and take a chance on whether it's right. If I take my umbrella, it doesn't rain. If I don't, it pours. If we didnt have a weather report, we'd take that same chance. What's the difference?

From now on, I'm not listening to the weather. I'm going to use the time that the weather report is on to..to...to do something else. Something worthwhile. Like exercise. That's it. I will hit the MUTE button and exercise while the weather is on. Crunches. No--push ups. No--jumping jacks. Yes, I will do jumping jacks with my back turned to the television. That's the ticket. And, the number of them that I've done before I collapse will determine if it's going to rain. If I fall out on 3, which is likely, I will take my umbrella, because 3 is an odd number. If I come to and last number I remember is 4, which is even, I'll leave it at home. Same odds...

Your comments--priceless!!
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  1. Sharon Ball Says:

    Ha! Jumping jacks...Mercy! I might hurt myself. Doggone weather people!

  2. catladysd Says:

    rofl you are sooooo funny. we went swimming at the creek today, and got rained on while swimming, no umbrella needed :)

  3. lifeisfantastic embrace it Says:

    I live in LA and I look at ABC news in the morning - usually when the weather comes on I look to see if the weatherman has on the same pin-striped suit or I look at the pet of the day - but I never listen to the weather report....I put a sweater and umberella in my trunk and call it a day.

    The weather people here are a JOKE, but I may try the exercise..... ummmmmmmm

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