A few nights ago, a friend shared with me that the leader of one of her hobby groups had advised the group that they should look into cosmetic surgery. The day after that, I heard that Chastity Bono was in the early stages of gender reassignment. What is really going on, folks??

I don't believe in surgery to change your physical body, unless it relates to your health. I advised my friend to run away from that group, to not even consider going under the knife for cosmetic reasons.

I also believe that He created us in his perfect image and that He makes NO mistakes. I'm not willing to surgically change anything about me. I am charged with honoring Him with my body.

What do you think of cosmetic surgery? Would you do it? Have you done it? Why?

Your comments--priceless!!

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  1. I'm not an under the knife type in general. Hospitals make me uneasy.

    However, if people want to do it--let them have at it with their own bodies. It's another step along the road of changing yourself to be happy. There are less invasive approaches--colored contacts, hair coloring, spanx, etc. Some folks want a bigger change. It's their pain, their gain, and their cash.

    Minor example--I know some folks in sales that have done it to keep that younger look to keep the cash rolling in. Extreme example--the lady that got the face transplant after her crazy ex-husband shot her.

    I'm not about to stop them or even discourage them. If you think you need it, don't worry--be happy ;-)

  2. Anonymous Says:

    An Unsorted Thinker....

    I do not think anyone would argue in the case of the lady that was shot. though one might argue that even in that circumstance there might have been a greater plan. not to say that i would like to live with a face in her condition, but sometimes events like that and people willingness and strength to endure them can provide strngth and inspiration to others in the same situation.
    Same could be said for her having the strngth and willingness to take the risk of the surgery as well!
    personally, i do feel that we are all here for reasons that we only find out about as we travel thru life. And that sometimes we don't stop and take the time to really look at the situation from all angle before making a decision
    We live in a society unfortunately where self worth is now defined by the most outward layer of our beings. And there has been a whole business founded upon that very sad fact.
    Now, again, not having been faced with a scenario like that in my life, I hesitate to jusdge too too harshly.


  3. lifeisfantastic embrace it Says:

    I live in the land of plastic surgery and I say whatever people want to do is their "business" however, I only think you should use surgery when necessary. I think all other surgery matters are a way to gain money for the surgeon and vanity for the patient. I adhere to James Brown's wife, Kanya West mother and and other's that have had mishaps with altering body's that the Good Lord has given them. Bottomline for me NO WAY JOSE.....I love the way I look... However, I also do not condemn what others do, if it rocks your boat get at it.

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