So, we've bailed out the banking industry, we've invested millions into the auto industry--including cash for clunkers, we're helping homeowners. But why is it that in the world's most powerful country, our education system is far inferior to our European and Asian counterparts?

When are we going to dump some cash into educating our youth? Why can't our kids compete in the areas of math and science? Why are public school budgets being slashed to bare bones all across the country? Why aren't we holding our elected officials accountable for these decisions?

What message does it send to the students--are cars and banks more important than them? Are they truly our most precious resource? Do we have "jacked up" priorities?

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  1. Beth Says:

    Yes we do. It is sad that we are so focused on money that the children are being forgotten.

  2. JenellyBean Says:

    It really is sad.

    As a special education teacher, my students don't get the benefits that they should. They aren't supplying me with all the proper and motivating tools to teach my children.

    They take the special education funds and allocate them in other places to fill a deficit because the schools have no money.

    Teachers are getting "excessed" at the hands of all the budget cuts.

    If I was licensed in Special Education Lord knows where i'd be going next month.

  3. lifeisfantaztic embrace it Says:

    Our priorities in America are jacked up. Why? Unfortunately, you have parents that are more interested in material items in their children's life then an education.

    Everything is materialistic to some parents - "Why is it that Dick, Jane and Sally can't read, write, or do arithmetic, but yet they are decked out in designer clothes from head to toe? They have the latest in technology from cell phones to video games and can work these gadgets like scientist. Some of these children even have the finest wheels to maneuver around town in. However, they still cannot read, write or do arithmetic.

    America went "bling bling" and left "think think" behind, and it is truly hurting our children. And my blame is on the parents, because I was sent to school to learn, but I was taught the values of what I learned in school at home.

    I realize the budget cuts in the schools, the abundance of teachers in the public schools that have shutdown, sat down and given up hope on educating Dick, Jane and Sally of today, however, I say parents need to open up, stand up and return the hope of educating their children by teaching them the values of what is learned at school.

    These values will take them a long way in life.

  4. a corgi Says:

    this is so true; and you would think with our present administration and the emphasis put on education prior to election, this would be something key that they would be working on to bring quality education to our best assets, our children.


  5. I know! It's criminal that we can't put money into something so important!

  6. Angela Says:

    I don't get it. Each term, a new party promises education reform, but all we get is quack.

    I think federally mandated education programs are too big. Education should be overseen by the Feds but not dictated such as in the "No Child Left Behind" fiasco. When are lawmakers going to realize the only thing that's going to save education is funding.

    When I was in primary school, we didn't know who was poor and who wasn't. We all had access to crayons, scissors, and etc. My teacher had a locked cabinet full of supplies for her class. Today children don't even have text books in some settings.

    America is driven by greed, children don't contribute to society yet, therefore investing in them brings forth a long term return that no one seems to be willing to sacrafice.

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