Last week, I eluded to big news coming up. Well, it's official--I've gotten my first paid writing gig. I'm so excited to share this with you. It was only last New Year's Eve that I performed and self examination, as well as a lot of reflection, and decided that what I really wanted to do with my life was write. The very next day, I started this blog. Now, mere months later, I have become the Miami Fashion and Style Examiner for is website that focuses on local news, written by local writers. While it's certainly not the Washington Post, I'm glad they bought me on board.

I will cover South Florida from a girly perspective and everytime I think about it, I just giggle! Please do me a great favor and check out my page. There's only 1 article published, as I had to wait for it to be reviewed and accepted, before the page became live. There will be many new articles coming up. While I won't publish daily, I'm required to keep the content fresh, new, and timely.

This is different from my blog in a huge way. While my blog is comprised of my personal opinions, is focused on fact-based articles--more like news. I've added a button on the sidebar to make it easier for you to find me in the future. Let me know what you think!

Your comments--priceless.

I post daily. So that you don't miss any of my randomness, you might want to subscribe by email.
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10 Responses
  1. Susa Says:

    CONGRATS Jewel sis! The article was great and I always knew you had the ability to do this. Your blogs have always shown it! Keep up the great work!

  2. LUVA Says:


  3. Mo Says:

    Jewel, this is wonderful!!!! Congratulations!!!!... I am a daily reader of your blog and I look forward to reading your articles as well.

  4. Way to go.

    Another arrow in your blogging quiver.

  5. nursetuck Says:

    singinggggg I'm soooooo proud of you, keep up the good work!

  6. cmiles Says:

    Congrats, I'm so excited for you!!

  7. That's great!!!!! Congrats!

  8. Sinfully Says:

    You Go Gurl!!! I've added it to my favorites at home and my office.

  9. catladysd Says:

    You Rock! congratulations and continued successes.

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